Why you should lift weights if you are 30 or older


Why you should lift weights if you are 30 or older 

Strength training, especially with weights, has always had great detractors who consider that it is an exercise only suitable for young men who want to "get hunky". Those who reason like this show that they are very poorly informed. It is not recommended for children, it is true, but the great news is that it is not harmful for women or for the elderly.


According to specialists, and multiple investigations show, workout exercises with weights are necessary. Have you heard of sarcopenia? They are necessary and mandatory from a certain age. Why? What can strength exercises contribute? Well, they are the only possible medicine against sarcopenia that, although it seems the name of a skin disease, actually refers to an abnormal loss of strength and muscle mass, which makes daily tasks difficult.


Weights are the best medicine to slow the loss of muscle mass and strength 

Although it has always been associated with age, considering it part of normal aging because its main symptoms are weakness in the muscles and lack of physical strength, it can also affect very sedentary people. Currently it could affect 30% of people over 60 years old, and more than 50% of those over 80 years old, beyond physical activity.


Muscle mass decreases after 30 

The muscle mass gradually decreases between 3% and 8% every decade from the age of 30, accelerating after the age of 60. This produces a progressive decrease in strength that contributes greatly to disability and loss of independence in the elderly. And therefore, to counteract it, it is necessary to work muscle strength with exercise. More than starting at a specific age, what is needed is a regular work plan such as bodyweight ppl routine, and not sporadic, unplanned and random exercises, which do not help to achieve the objectives of the patients.


You do not have to wait to feel that weakness to start lifting weights. You have to start as soon as possible. At twenty, at thirty ... but above all it must be borne in mind that after 40 they are absolutely essential because the risk of sarcopenia begins at 50, which is when we tend to be more sedentary.


You don't have to be a tarzan all of a sudden 

Strengthening the body with physical exercise, like push pull legs bodyweight, and quality nutrition must be taken very seriously, but you must not do crazy things either. That is to say, it is not a good idea to start lifting weights from one day to the next without the help of a professional and without climbing. We need to do that strength work on a daily basis, constantly and gradually. The idea is not to suddenly start lifting a lot of weight, but to do work and gradual evolution.


But, although it seems confirmed that age should not be the problem, but precisely the motivation to get to work on strength, there is another question that researchers also seem to be beginning to resolve: To lose weight, is aerobic exercise better or the anaerobic? In other words, is it better to run or weights? And although it may sound strange, a study published a year ago by the journal Obesity solved this almost eternal dilemma in favor of weights.

 According to this work, in which researchers analyzed the physical activity and waist measurements of 10,500 men over 40 between 1996 and 2008, those who lifted weights did not gain as much weight as those who ran or bicycles. And those who led sedentary lives, of course, were the hardest hit.


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