The Sophisticated and Exquisite Omega De Ville Collection

Omega is one of the most well-known timepieces. It had a massive influence on the watchmaking industry’s past. You may be familiar with this piece because it was the first used on the moon, working with renowned entities such as NASA. It’s also a well-known watch that serves as the primary timekeeper for the Olympic Games. 

This timepiece has also been attributed to James Bond’s chronograph. The De Ville collection has also been one of the most popular collections of the brand. It was first launched in 1976. It features unique and vintage designs. Aside from its classic look, this watch has modern features.

Omega De Ville Prestige Co-Axial Ladies Watch

This Omega watch is the iconic black on a silver watch, and it is perhaps the most elegant-looking watch any woman must own. It has a rounded stainless casing that measures 32.7mm in diameter. This model has a sturdy back and a sapphire crystal for scratch-resistant. Its bracelet is crafted of crocodile fabric in a sleek black color that is appropriate for every occasion.

The model’s dial is a lighter hue of silver, complementing its casing. This has an exquisite gold finish with alternating diamond and Roman Numeral indexes that match the shade of the Dauphine type form hands. You can wear this on formal and casual occasions, and this would also be perfect for your on-the-go OOTD.

Omega De Ville White Mother of Pearl Ladies Watch

This Omega two-tone watch is a must-have for any lady who appreciates the warmth of rose gold combined with the finesse of silver steel. This model’s rounded casing is made of stainless steel and measures 24.4mm in diameter. It has a robust back and a sapphire crystal. 

It is best known for its band, which resembled the weaving of rose gold and steel materials. The timepiece’s dial is almost as stunning as the exterior. This has a smooth finish and is made of white mother-of-pearl. This has sword-shaped hands which match the rose gold tone of its hardware and alternate stick and Roman Numeral index. 

Omega Calibre 1376 operates it, and it has a 48-month capacity. This has a water resistance of 30 meters. Everyone loves especially women, Mother of pearl material. It just adds a statement when put in every timepiece. Thus, making the De Ville watch collection look more luxurious and decent.

Omega De Ville Tresor Ladies Watch

If you’re a watch enthusiast who enjoys dark shades, this piece would be a wish finally come true. It has a distinct color that isn’t too flashy to make it unwearable. The rose gold round case measures 36mm in diameter. It has a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and a strong back. 

Its bracelet is made of reddish-brown leather. The burgundy to the black design of its dial complements the warmth of the rose gold outer appearance. It has a Roman numeral index that has been printed in rose gold to match the hardware. Wearing this with your favorite casual outfits in navy blue or white would be a perfect match.

Omega De Ville Prestige Ladies Watch

You wouldn’t usually choose blue, green, and silver as a watch color combination. Once you see this beautiful masterpiece, you may view things differently. The steel round case measures 32.7mm in diameter and has 16mm on this prototype. The case is oval, and it has a sapphire crystal. It has a leather strap that is an intense shade of blue.

The dial of this timepiece is a stunning gray color. It has blue-shaded indexes that alternate between diamond and numeric keys. Upon this Dauphine-shaped paws, the same tone of blue is being used. In the lower center, there’s a date window. Omega Calibre 2500 runs it, and it has a 48-hour backup. This has a 30-meter waterproofness.


If you just want vintage pieces, you must undoubtedly familiarize yourself with Omega’s De Ville series. This would meet the aesthetic aspirations as to what a decent watch must be and be a high-tech watch given its lengthy background. Omega is really the place to go if you’d like a luxury experience that is worth every dollar spent.

This collection is perfect for the upcoming Mother’s Day celebration. Give this as a present to your wife or Mom, and they will surely be so happy when they receive this elegant and classic timepiece that will match any personality. Give something unique to the person who makes you feel special!

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