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Technology is constantly evolving. With change happening quickly, there is an extreme need to preserve your important documents for future purposes. That is a circumstance how PDFA is essential. So what exactly is a PDFA? You may have stumbled upon this article to learn more about files such as PDF or PDFA. Your boss, perhaps, has instructed you to convert a pdf document to PDFA- without you not even having any clue what those terms mean. Well, worry not as you have stumbled upon the perfect article to guide you and address your non-tech-savvy problems. Read along as this will cover the easiest way to convert your files to a required format with PDFBear - a free, online website- and some coverage on the definition and importance of PDF and PDFA formatted files.

What is PDFBear?

Among thousands more, PDFBear is a free online converter created for everyone's use. PDFBear is a website that you can easily access on the internet where you could convert PDF to PDFA easily and in just a few minutes. On the website itself, made simple for you to navigate, you will be guided through its manual as you upload and convert your PDF files to the desired or necessary format. With only a few steps, your documents will be converted for you within a minute or two! With no lingering advertisements, you may use the website for free without any trial limits or commitments. With this online converter, your usual 2 hours of retyping a document will easily be a minute-or-less job. PDFBear also offers a free 14 days trial for its Pro version, offering more benefits that would surely make the online tool your work partner. The website could be accessed and searched easily. Hence, convert your PDF to PDFA with PDFBear starting today!

What is a PDFA document? How Useful is It?

Don't you know what PDFA files are for? Well, PDFA is an ISO-standardized file format of a PDF (Portable Data Format) specialized in archiving and preserving electronic documents for the long term. Regular PDF files have features unsuitable for long-term archiving, such as font embedding and encryption. That is why PDFA formatting is made and is necessary for such a purpose. PDFA standards gradually evolve to meet new needs and use unique technology as modern innovations constantly advance. Another advantage to converting your files to PDFA format is that it ensures that a certain document could be reproduced the same way as its original, regardless of what technology or software is used.

Convert your PDF to PDFA using PDFBear in four steps

Four quick and simple steps are needed to convert your PDF to the necessary PDFA format. Following are the steps to follow to convert your files using the PDFBear online tool:

  • Step One: Upload the PDF file that you would want to convert to PDFA.
  • Step Two: Your PDF will be uploaded and scanned.
  • Step Three: Wait for the converting process to finish.
  • Step Four: The converted PDFA document is ready. An instant download of the file is also made accessible for you.

PDFBear will lighten your workload and save you more time- probably even give you an early coffee break off work. Also, it's free, and you may use it as much as you would like unless it would only cost you if you would want to avail more of its features- which are surely worth your time and penny.

Additional Features

PDFBear is not only an online tool where you could convert your PDF files to PDFA formats. PDFBear also provides its users with multiple conversions such as the following:

  • Convert to PDF. Convert your Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, or even pictures to Portable Data Format. 
  • Convert from PDF. Convert your PDF to Word documents, PowerPoint, Excel, PNG, JPG, and PDFA files. 
  • Organize PDF. You can merge, split, or delete pages from your PDF files. 
  • Optimize PDF. Compresses or repairs PDFs.
  • View and Edit PDF. With PDFBear, you may also be able to edit your PDF, read PDF files, share documents, number pages, add watermark, rotate, and have an e-sign on your PDF files. 
  • PDF Security. Protect and unlock PDFs. 


Converting PDF to PDFA is most relevant among employees and even employers that often deal with important documents that are needed to be reproduced or preserved for future purposes. Another common issue is the quick advancements in technology. Thus, these types of online tools were created to address modern problems with technological solutions, such as the need to preserve the formatting or the need to archive important documents for long-term preservation and use. With simple steps online and with the use of PDFBear, you can convert your documents as necessitated. PDFBear is the perfect work partner for you!

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