Increase Leads and Conversions on Instagram for Your Brand

 If you want your online presence to be better, it is very important for you to follow and like people as well as get followers and likes. The more followers and likes you have, the more chances there are that you will be able to do better.

1. Follow profiles that follow your competitors

One of the best ways to increase your Instagram followers is to find users who follow brands and stores similar to yours. That's why it's time to analyze your competitors a little better - and their Instagram profiles. Visit these profiles, find the most engaged users and try to establish good contact with them.

Remember, however, to look for brand profiles like yours, which have not yet become market giants. The reason is simple: customers of giant brands are highly loyal, so they will hardly pay attention to a small brand like yours.

Things change if you have a competitor that has 100,000 followers - an excellent number, which certainly includes customers who are not yet loyal.

When it comes time to interact with these users, try not to scare them off with standardized messages or unrealistic promotions. Did they ask a question in one of your photos? Answer. Did they praise the photo? Give thanks. And so on.

This is also a long-term strategy for gaining followers on Instagram, but it can be essential in determining a good virtual identity (and an excellent presence) on Instagram.

 2. Apps to gain followers on Instagram

When I saw that the time had come to increase the number of followers on my store's profile, I decided to use an app to gain followers on Instagram called “GetInsta” to do this. And now I had already reached the number of followers I wanted.

GetInsta is an Instagram auto liker designed to assist Instagram users gain active Instagram followers as well as free Instagram likes immediately.

It is a professional platform that collects a large number of genuine Instagram users. Users here spend free coins to quickly gain an unlimited number of Instagram likes and followers. When you first register on, you will be entered into a lucky draw to win some coins, which you will use to buy free Instagram likes and followers via GetInsta.

Here’s how to get 100 free Instagram likes every 30 minutes using the easiest method, which can also be used to get more likes in 30 minutes or get free Instagram likes every 24 hours.

  • Go to Google Play or App Store and download this Instagram followers app, then open it to make a new account with your email and a new password. (It's best if it's different from your Instagram password.)
  • Collect coins awarded by the system for new users and tap the “$” button to complete coin tasks.
  • Every 30 minutes, exchange coins for 100 likes, or hack more coins to exchange a massive number of Instagram likes all at once.

 3. Make videos for IGTV

Do you have some interesting things to share with your audience? Produce videos for IGTV!

As they are also shown to people who do not follow you, this resource is a good opportunity to gain new followers.

Therefore, make sure the title and the cover of the video are clear to make the subject of that content clear

4. Use the Stories feature

Since stories are shown in searches for locations and hashtags, producing them is a great way to get your content discovered and then gain followers on Instagram.

To be found and make those who watched pass to follow your profile, it is necessary:

  • Always use a hashtag ;
  • Put your location (or the location of who you want to reach);
  • Create a short text explaining the content of that story in case the person does not activate the audio;
  • Be objective, but give reasons why people want to go to the next story, if you have produced a sequel;
  • In the case of sequences of stories, the ideal is to make and edit all the videos first, save them on your cell phone and then post them. That way, you don't run the risk of having a long time lag between one and the other and losing your audience;

With these tips in hand, you may have a 1000 free Instagram followers trial. Produce different story formats (photos, videos with someone talking or even images edited with text) and see which generates the most interest from your audience.

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