Growth Marketing Process: A Step-By-Step Process Flow


What is growth marketing? Growth marketing mainly focuses on maximizing the value of the customer at all the different stages of the sales funnel. Simultaneously, the growth agency uses multiple processes to lower the cost and time taken to do the same. This results in experimenting at the top of the sales funnel to get new customers and implementing tactics and strategies to continue the experiment. Below is the step-by-step process flow on how to strategize your growth marketing process and enforce it cohesively. 

Step-1: Research 

Before you get your mind filled with potential marketing campaigns, you need to step back and take your time in collecting all the information that you need from your market niche. The collected data will be quite helpful, as it will make it easier for you to shape your ad campaigns in a better way so it can have a huge Return On Investment (ROI). In addition to this, the collected information will become the baseline of what to expect from your campaigns, so now you have a somewhat clear picture of market insight and what necessary steps you need to take to get the most from it. In the research part of your growth marketing, you need to look for four things:

       What's your business?

       What is your targeted audience?

       What are the features of the product that you want to market, and how can it be helpful to a customer?

       How much is the competition both in the online and offline market? 

Step-2: Creating A Custom Persona 

The second step in the growth marketing process is all about targeting the custom persona. In 2021, most digital marketers collect qualitative and quantitative information about their target audience, including age, gender, occupation, interests, and geo-location. The definition of finding a potential customer on the internet has been completely changed, and it has gone to the next level of customization where the buyer's persona is much of a deciding factor and needs to be considered seriously. In 2021, any marketing strategy that does not take care of its buyer's persona is undoubtedly missing an essential marketing strategy.

Now you must be thinking about what's a buyer's persona. It is a method of describing an ideal customer, which can be defined by taking out the survey and getting in touch with a predefined target group. Several online tools can help you figure out your buyer's persona, so make sure you check them out. 

Step-3: Finding Out Your Goals And Tools You Need 

Now at this stage of growth marketing, you will get to know how a real marketing campaign needs to be defined, as this is when you have to set a goal and create a marketing strategy accordingly. Without goals in front of you, the strategy will not work, so defining them must be your leading task aftermarket and customer research. 

You need to make your goals realistic and suitable for your business and make them measurable because, in the end, it all comes down to ROI and how much business you are getting per marketing campaign. 

Let's take an example of a weak marketing goal: 

"Increase the clicks on the website in the next few months and create 3 promotional offers for customers." 

Now, what is wrong with this marketing goal? Well, it does seem alright in the first place, but if you look closely, you will know its progress is unmeasurable. 

Now here's a better goal underlying the same marketing techniques but measurably: 

"Increase the clicks on the website by 25% in the first quarter of the year, and create 4 promotional offers for customers like marketing report, SEO report, tips on marketing their front page, social media hashtag tips." 

Step-4: List Your Actionables And Implementation 

The goals are set, the deadlines have been marked. In this step, you need to define your detailed action plan, including all your deadlines and the significant steps you will take. In this section, you will be setting your budget for each tactic along with its running time. You need to chalk out all the objectives which your marketing campaign needs to accomplish. 

Step-5: Optimise Your Funnel 

Instead of focusing all your budget on just a single funnel to increase the engagement and the retention of customers, create a set of marketing campaigns and manage them based on the results. The work is not finished yet. Once the campaign is live, you need to keep a close eye on its results and take the necessary steps to optimize it. So it can perform better and yield higher retention and engagement. 


Using a growth marketing process is a necessary roadmap developed by a growth agency to cultivate your valuable connections with customers and cement your brand in the perfect niche marketplace. One should be spending their time finding the best possible growth marketing process and implementing it in a budget-friendly way to get the maximum benefit and higher customer satisfaction.

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