Essential Online Writing Tools to Help Improve Your Content


Content writing is a difficult task, but once you can make yourself an expert blogger, you can write on various topics. The reason is that your content needs to be perfect, but you also need to be equally expert in marketing, designing, and social media.

Nowadays, the reader wants to read the unique, entertains, tell stories, provide the solution for their problems, and fully base personal experiences. Different organizations, bloggers, and writers work hard to create great quality content that provides value to the reader.

Creating high-quality content is a tough task for writers, even for professionals and most writers use an online paraphrasing tool to create engaging content for their clients when the due dates are short. The tool allows the user to spin the wording of the previously posted content of a website. The Paraphrase online tool helps the user write well researched,  easy to read, and grammatically error-free content.

Best Online Writing Tools:

Below are some of the tools you can use online to improve your content.


This paraphrasing tool is based on the artificial intelligence technology that makes it an accurate rephrasing tool. This online article spinner by allows you to reword the previously posted content on a website and phrase it into completely new content. This article rewriter can generate the result to rephrase the content within no time without damaging its structure. You can use this rewriter tool without paying any subscription fee or without any registration.

2. ProWritingAid:

ProWritingAid is an online tool powered by the Artificial intelligence system that makes it one of the best tools for content writing. It works just like a grammar checker that we depend on most of the time. ProWritingAid helps the user to spot & make corrections for their grammar & spelling mistakes, but it is more than pointing the grammar errors. The online tool helps the user improve content clarity, vocabulary, strength, and styles of writing to make the content engaging for you.

It generates reports regarding the content that focuses on different aspects of your writing. This online tool for content writing has additional features such as videos, quizzes, articles that make the editing process fun, educational, and interactive. If you find it a trick, beginners can use an online paraphrasing tool that helps them to turn the recently published content on someone’s website with the best quality.

3. Grammarly:

Grammarly is a wonderful platform that provides so many tools for writers to improve their writing skills. It is best known for its spellings & grammar checker features. It also works like an online paraphrasing tool that helps the writer spin the wording of an article. Grammarly can generate the result for paraphrasing within no time. Apart from being an article rewriter, the tool can find grammatical mistakes effectively that other tools can’t, and this will help you optimize your content for better SERP rankings.

4. HubSpot’s Blog Ideas Generator:

Most of the writers find it quite challenging to come up with unique & fresh topics all the time. So, this amazing tool from the house of HubSpot helps you to search the related blog post ideas in your niche. The tool requires you to enter three nouns related to your topic, and the blog ideas generator tool will provide you with five topics. The ideas generated by the tool are good enough to get started. You can also use its other tool to improve productivity as a writer. Just like searching the fresh content, writing fresh content is also very difficult, but using a paraphrasing tool can help you get out of this problem. So, you can rewrite the article within seconds.

5. Surfer:

Surfer is a popular online content writing tool that allows you to create SEO-friendly content for your websites or blogs. The online editor checks the density of used keywords, word count, headlines, and readability of the content while writing. The tool inspects more than 500 data points & rates your content against organic competitors by just one sweep. In this way, you can easily create content that will outrank the SERP competition and attract tons of organic traffic. If you found this tool tricky, then you can use any online paraphrasing tool to rephrase the content that you want to.

6. Spin Rewriter – Best Paraphrasing Tool:

Since the launch of Spin Rewriter back in 2011, the tool has quickly grown to become the best paraphrasing tool. The dedicated team of the tool is working hard to push out the new features, and in November 2020, they launched the 11th version of the tool. In the current time, the tool has more than 181,394 active users from all over the world. It is packed with a bundle of amazing features that include integrating stock images, bulk content spinning, and so many other tools.


There is no doubt that a writer has so many challenges to write an engaging post for a website or blog that attracts organic traffic. But thanks to the advanced technology that provides us with the tools that can improve the writing skills and make the writing experience entertaining. Now, there are tons of online tools that we can use, but not all the tools are perfect so, you can use one of the listed above tools to make improvements in your content.

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