Custom Fluorescent Labels for Packaging and Gifts

Custom Fluorescent Labels

Designing a custom printed cardboard backed Gift for any occasion is very simple and can add a touch of class to your corporate events. This is one gift you don't want to be missing out on, so don't delay in getting your very own custom FL BRIGHT custom printed boxes. You may think that it's simply one more "useful" item that you should have available to your business. After all, what is the worst that could happen? Well, they can be the most important promotional item for your company, helping to increase your brand recognition and presence. And while you're at it, make sure you get a great deal on shipping too!

Custom Printed Boxes

One of the most popular items that businesses use these custom printed boxes for is a holiday hamper. There is no mistaking the importance of giving your customers or clients a quality holiday gift. These items help to bring joy and cheer into the lives of others. As such, it's important to get the best boxes possible to ensure that you are giving your customers the best experience possible when it comes to their holiday shopping. When you design a custom FL BRIGHT hamper, it makes it that much more special to give.

Printed Boxes

Packaging is the key. The right printed boxes can make or break your efforts. Your marketing efforts can be greatly improved by choosing the right material. If you have been using regular cardboard boxes, it's time to switch things up and move past the old and outdated cardboard. The material is more desirable than you might think. FL BRIGHT boxes, in particular, are made of strong, impact resistant plastic polymers that offer an incredibly solid and durable platform for you to create an attractive and striking display that will leave a lasting impression on those who see it.


But plastic doesn't have to be the only material to use for packaging. Why not go with wood? This has the added benefit of being a natural material that doesn't date as easily over time, making it a far more desirable choice for the business owner. The bottom line, though, is that custom printed FL BRIGHT business boxes will impress your customers every time they open them up and store their purchases.

Bright Custom Ribbons

What about having fun with some fun and bright custom ribbons? It's a great way to make your items memorable and unique. Think about ribbons in the shape of hearts, stars, or anything else that would fit in with the holiday theme. Use them on the lids of wine bottles and on the tops of gift baskets for a one-of-a-kind look that says something different about your business than anyone else. And don't forget the custom address labels to complete your promotional campaign. People love receiving gifts and would much rather keep your business name or contact information as a permanent reminder of your existence when receiving these gifts.

Custom FLIBER Printed Boxes

Another great thing about custom FLIBER printed boxes for your business is that they are durable. While most types of boxes are made from cardboard, they can get stained and discolored over time. Boxes can crack, tear, bend, and become warped. If you use the custom cardboard options made by Fluorescent Labels Inc., you won't have to worry about durability as your items will be printed on high quality, clear, toxin-free paper.

Durability of Custom Printed Boxes

Along with the durability of custom printed boxes come many other benefits. Items can be stacked on top of each other without any fear of them falling off. If employees are given unisex labeled boxes, you'll be sure they don't take anything else out of their boxes before leaving the station. Items are less likely to be lost due to misplacing them.

Printing Process

The printing process is done by professional screen printers who can meet your design and printing needs. You can choose any number of colors and customize each one to meet your business's specific requirements. You can add photos, slogans, or your own design to each gift item. When the printed gifts reach your customers, everyone is sure to notice the design you chose. These are just a few reasons why custom printed FLIBER gifts are the perfect choice for your next trade show, sales presentations, or community fair.

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