Biggest Benefits that Attract Customers to Postpaid Connection


Biggest Benefits that Attract Customers to Postpaid Connection

Choosing between a prepaid and postpaid SIM has always been a reason for confusion. Although many people think that with a prepaid connection, they can discontinue the telecom operator anytime and they can also maintain the monthly budget. However, that does not always work like that. Many times it happens that we keep on recharging with high-priced plans and do not realize how much we have spent. Also, sometimes the call gets disconnected in mid of an important discussion since we run out of talktime.

Nevertheless, all of these do not happen when you have a postpaid SIM. So let us discuss some of the benefits that you can get with a postpaid connection.

·         Affordable: Gone are the days when postpaid connections were made for only rich people. Now the majority of the telecom operators are offering postpaid connections at reasonable rates. The Airtel postpaid plans start at the pocket-friendly rate of INR 399 that comes with some great benefits perfect to last you a whole month. With this plan, you do not have to be bothered about the call getting disconnected all of a sudden because of low balance since you will be able to enjoy unlimited STD and local calling facilities. The minimum SMS you will get is 100 per day.

·         Additional benefits: With a postpaid connection, you can get additional benefits including a subscription to OTT apps and services such as Amazon Prime Video, Disney + Hotstar, as well as Handset Protection, FASTag cashback, etc. All of these are provided with some prepaid plans too however you get more value for money benefits with postpaid connections.

·         Family connections: Some telco operators offer family connections with postpaid SIMs. This means that taking a certain postpaid plan will enable you to get family add-ons. The postpaid connection will be shared by the family members, while they can enjoy all the additional benefits. At the end of the month, you will get a combined bill for all the connections under that account.

·         Data rollover: The data that remains unused is rolled over for the next month. You will get a 3G/4G data rollover of up to 150 to 250 GB with most plans. This means you can enjoy data at the highest speed and will never feel short of it.

·         Freedom from recharging every now and then: You can forget the idea of recharging every now and then. With a postpaid SIM in your phone, you will receive a bill at the end of every month and you can simply pay it to continue using the connection. You also do not need to keep track of the several small packs as the postpaid plans are made keeping in mind the usage of most consumers.

One of the best telecom operators that offer unmatched postpaid connections and services is Bharti Airtel. The postpaid plans start at a budget-friendly rate and with some of the plans, you can even get a family connection which can reduce your family’s mobile expenses by up to 25%. If you switch your number to the Airtel postpaid connection you can also get a free SIM card delivered to your doorstep and also submit your KYC documents there for a contactless service.

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