5 Things Watch Enthusiast Should Know About the Omega Brand

Everyone worldwide already knows about the Omega brand from where it started, founded and the unbelievable watches they have created ever since it started. Because of the awards they have garnered over time, they made their clock so luxurious for everyone.

The Omega company created watches not just for Earth but also made clocks that can go to space and still be usable. There are more things a watch enthusiast must know upon purchasing their first Omega watch as it is essential to understand the vital parts of this brand to understand how great the Omega watches are.

  1. They are the ruler of the sea.

The Omega brand first started their Seamaster collection in 1948 to celebrate their 100 years in watchmaking. It is known to be the current collection that is the oldest line. The watch is known to have been based on clocks, the brand created for the British military of British during the end of World War Two.

In 1957, the brand also introduced their professional range of the seamster collection, and they have also introduced the Seamaster 300. In 1963 in the summer season, Jacques Cousteau used the Seamaster 300 clock during his experiment. The Seamaster proved its greatness as a divers watch.

  1. The Omega's Olympic timing

The Omega brand first created its clock in 1898, and just within a decade, the clock is used in more than sixteen kinds of competition in sports. After they have garnered the grand prize in the six categories of Geneva's Observatory trials, The Omega then becomes the official timekeeper for the Olympics in Los Angeles in 1932.

It is known to be historic as it was the first time that the Olympics hired only one brand to facilitate all of its events. Even the brand's stopwatches were unbelievable as it recorded the winners and the runner-ups having the same time during its five races.

  1. James Bond is wearing the Omega watches in his films.

James Bond is known to wear different watches from other brands, but the Omega watches are closely associated with the actor. In 1995 the actor introduced the Omega Seamaster while he was wearing it on his wrist. Since that time, James Bond has worn Omega watches for his movies.

Even in the 2020 James Bond movie known as the No Time Die, the Omega supplied the clock. The Omega watches even appeared in different kinds of films like the Salt, The Bounty Hunter, Event Horizon, Millennium, Jack Reacher, Up in the Air, The Omega Man, My Fellow Americans, and many more films.

One of the famous roles of the clock is the Apollo 13. It was a documentary film that is all about the mission. The movie shows the astronauts wearing the Speed master of Omega as their timepieces. The crews on the film relied on their clocks. The watch's excellent performance made the astronauts home just in time and safe.

  1. The Omega's connection to Kennedy

The Omega watches are a favorite of many celebrities and even known leaders in the world. Even the president of Soviet known as Mikhail Gorbachev, was always seen wearing his Constellation Manhattan of the Omega. Even the actor Jack Lemmon was given the president with Constellation.

Even Pope John Paul the Second is seen wearing a De Ville Classic of the Omega. The General Public also saw the celebrity Elvis Presley wearing a timepiece from Omega when he was serving in Germany. A white gold ultrathin of the Omega watch was also seen in Buddy Holly's wrist when the plane he was on crashed in 1959.

One of the famous people who owns an Omega timepiece is John F. Kennedy. He wore his watch on his inauguration as the 35th president of America in 1961. It was a friend of Kennedy who introduced this timepiece to him. 

  1. The Escapement of the Omega timepiece

The Omega is known to pursue their precision when it comes to timekeeping. Omega brand also has Escapement that comes with low friction. In 2007 the brand introduced its Co-Axial Caliber 8500, which cited the low friction escapement it had.

The Escapement is known to have a free-sprung balance, and it is used as a conjunction; it is also known to be the preferred approach for a movement. Every watch that was introduced by Omega that is using the Co-Axial came with a COSC-certified chronometer.


In purchasing a timepiece, you should consider the features of the watch you are buying, but as a watch enthusiast, you should also consider the essential things the brand has. The things they have garnered to achieve the luxurious watches they offer in the market play a significant role in who they are now.

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