What is the best way to make hemp clothing?

It is not so easy to find completely ecological textile fibers. We forget the cotton, whose culture is too greedy in water, in pesticides and which cannot be cultivated locally. Bamboo! Not local either and often mixed with fibers from petroleum. Wool! Not vegan. There remains flax and hemp, two ecological textile fibers produced in our latitudes. Using the Custom display box is important in this case now.

Hemp, an Ecological Textile Fiber

The agricultural hemp, grown for its seeds and fibers, is too often associated with his cousin, Indian hemp or cannabis, psychotropic properties. This is what gives it a bad reputation and gives textile hemp a “hippie” label. It's a shame because hemp has many qualities.

Hemp is a plant that can be used in many areas: its seeds, which are transformed into oil, are excellent for cholesterol. Hemp oil also has moisturizing properties that are used in cosmetics. Its fibers are used to make textiles or for construction.

Hemp is one of the oldest cultivated textile fibers. Its culture in Europe and China dates back more than 8,000 years. Besides, the famous “Nîmes” pants which gave its name to denim jeans were made of hemp before being made of cotton!

Hemp is an ecological textile fiber because its cultivation requires very little water. In addition, its cultivation is very fast and it requires very little fertilizer, and the cultivation of hemp stores CO 2 in the soil. France is the leading producer of hemp in Europe with 10,000 hectares cultivated.

The hemp fiber is very strong, so it provides a very solid clothes; In addition, it is antibacterial, which helps prevent bad odors (think hemp socks!) Its only flaw is the tedious transformation process. In addition, it is difficult to obtain soft fibers. This is why hemp clothes are often made from mixed fibers mixing hemp and cotton. You can see the Custom Window Boxes with logo in this case now.

Hemp Clothing Brands

Due to its bad reputation, few brands use hemp as a textile fiber. The German brand Hempage is one of the market leaders. Hempage is a reliable brand that offers a diverse range of clothing.

Hemp was one of the first sources of textiles for our humanity. The oldest clothing fabrics found intact are hemp fabrics discovered in China and dating back to 4000 BC. For 6,000 years, hemp fibers have made it possible to produce an almost indestructible textile, resistant to humidity and UV rays and recognized as being the best suited to human skin. Historically, hemp fiber was used to make clothing, linen, canvas, ropes and ropes, boat sails, tents, draperies, bags, etc.

The great navigators, including Christopher Columbus, used sails made of hemp fiber fabrics as well as hemp ropes, which were stronger and more reliable. Textile hemp was the first “engine” of humanity.

The First Steps of Textile Hemp

Hemp has been declined in many forms from early civilizations in Asia, the Middle East and China, and materials made from hemp have been found in tombs dating back to 8000 BC. The 1st flag of the United States will be made of hemp fabric. Even the canvases of painters are made of hemp because only hemp is resistant to heat, humidity, insects and light.

The masterpieces of Rembrandt, Velázquez and so many other painting geniuses were made on hemp canvas. Levis Strauss's first “jeans” were made from hemp fibers. In 1850 around 75% of the world's textiles were produced from hemp, the strongest fiber! Industrial hemp has extremely resistant natural plant fibers! They also have anti-bacterial and anti-uv properties and effectively absorb moisture.

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