What Can A Men’s Fashion Tailor Adjust?


It is said that clothing will make a guy and that being well-dressed is a long way to improve self-esteem, look better, and get noticed at work, at a wedding or some other social event.

If you happen to be able to afford a tailored suit, that's incredible news. After all, there's no greater eyesore than a guy with great intentions, with no clothes to fit.

On the other hand, imagine you're starting an entry-level job and don't have the extra cash for a handmade wardrobe solution. Instead, you might try buying off the shelf things like coats, trousers, and ties. With a few professional changes made by a skilled tailor, you can be as well-dressed any bit.

Here's a guide to just what a tailor can do for your coats, suits, and tops.


When buying a new jacket off the shelf, the most difficult thing for a tailor to change is the breadth of the shoulders and the total length. Try to have these two measurements as close to matching as possible.

That said, almost every other part of your jacket can be customized to your needs.

Narrow the Sleeves

The sleeves on your jacket need not be tight to your wrists, but they should not be baggy or drooping. Slim fit is the perfect goal. The tailor will narrow the sleeves to the right fit.

Shorten the sleeves

If your hands are resting on your sides, a half-inch of your shirt should be exposed. A tailor will help you attain this perfect sleeve length by releasing some of the inlaid cloth in your jacket. 

Length, Cuff & Break

Adjusting the length of the pair of pants bought from the rack is the most common modification made by tailors. Much of the trousers in the rack suit would need to be hemmed to the required length. 

When you change your trousers' length, a tailor may even cuff them to give you a more modern look. Even depending on your tastes, you might suggest a complete break at the top of your heel and a normal break over the top of your shoe.

Replace the cuffs & Collars

You may replace your shirt's collar, but you will need to accept a white-collar in comparison. It's doubtful that the tailor would have a cloth that suits the tailored shirt exactly. You can replace the cuffs of your sleeves in the same manner. We have a wide range of trendy fabrics at Love, Your Tailor, and our tailors typically have no trouble matching your dress shirt colour.

Slim the Fit

A dress shirt should suit the body properly, without being rigid or taking on the soft form of a light summer dress. Ask your tailor to carry a slim, narrow, and modern fit in your shirt. - shape is distinctive, so a professional tailor will know what suit will look better based on your type of body.

Replace the buttons with

When your shirts are washed, it can be very normal to find missing or broken buttons. Consider telling the tailor to change all the buttons on your shirt. 

Find a Trusted Tailor

The clothes you're wearing are a very personal matter. As such, it's important to choose a tailor that you trust and feel comfortable working with, as well as a trustworthy one that has over a decade of experience.

For example, consider using a tailor who has several favourable feedback online, such as Urban Dappers in Singapore. No matter what tailor you decide to deal with, remember that tailors do great about men's clothes, and it's typically not as pricey as other people imagine.

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