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The Cinema Eye Honors, which recognize superb handicraft or handicraft of nonfiction filmmaking, has announced its complete slate on nominees for its 14th Annual Awards Ceremony, which choice stay held, truely this year, over Tuesday, March 9, 2021.

Time, Garrett Bradley’s intimate picture about a family’s war upon years concerning incarceration, was once nominated because vii Cinema Eye Honors, including Outstanding Feature, Direction, Editing, Score and Debut. Alexander Nanau’s Collective or Victor Kossakovsky’s Gunda had 4 nominations or unchanging Time in being nominated for Feature, Direction then Editing.

Those iii motion pictures were certain between the Outstanding Feature category by way of Amanda McBaine and Jesse Moss’ Boys State then Kirsten Johnson’s Dick Johnson is Dead. Johnson, Kossakovsky McBaine, Moss then Nanau are all preceding Cinema Eye nominees, with Johnson triumphing joining Honors in 2017 for her dawn film Cameraperson, yet Nanau prevailing the Spotlight Award into 2016 because Toto then His Sisters. Time is Bradley’s flourishing feature, but her brief evidential The earth is Humming was once concerning the Cinema Eye Shorts List of 2019.

David France’s Welcome after Chechnya also acquired four nominations, including ternary among the Broadcast categories because Outstanding Film, Editing yet Cinematography.

Boys State, Dick Johnson is Dead, Liz Garbus’ HBO series I’ll Be Gone among the Dark, Gianfranco Rosi’s Notturno yet Michael Dweck and Gregory Kershaw’s The Truffle Hunters were each nominated because three awards. Rosi acquired his 2d consecutive nominations for Outstanding Direction and Cinematography. He was once advance nominated between 2017 because Fire at Sea.

It’s the 2d straight yr up to expectation Kellen Quinn has been nominated because of Outstanding Feature. Last 12 months she was once nominated so the producer concerning Midnight Family then he is on that 12 months as like some of the producers about Time. This marks the third age to that amount Gunda administrator Kossakovsky was nominated because of Outstanding Cinematography. He was a nominee closing 12 months because of Aquarela or of 2013 because of ¡Vivan las Antipodas!.

Marilyn Ness, a Cinema Eye victor because Cameraperson, is nominated once more that year for Dick Johnson is Dead, alongside together with generator Katy Chevigny, whoever was nominated for Outstanding Production because of The E-Team of 2015. Boys State helmers McBaine yet Moss have been nominees into 2015 because theirs film, The Overnighters.

Legendary evidential filmmaker Frederick Wiseman received his seventh Cinema Eye choice because the editing over his trendy film, City Hall. Filmmaker Bill Ross also received his seventh nod, it year into the Heterodox category because of Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets, his latest aid together with grandnephew Turner Ross, who obtained his fifth nomination. Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets creator Casey Wayne McAllister used to be nominated because of Original Score because of the 2d time, his forward wight because the Ross Brothers’ Western.

Elizabeth Lo, whoever acquired the Outstanding Nonfiction Short Film Honor between 2016 because of Hotel 22, is up because of joining awards that year for her first function documentary, Stray: Outstanding Cinematography yet Outstanding Debut.

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