How Homeopathy Can Be The Best Option For Treating Chronic Illnesses

 Until recently, homeopathic medicine was disregarded by many. Now, people acknowledge it as a science, based on the founding father’s principle of “like negates like”, created by Samuel Hahnemann in 1796. Receiving a large amount of flak for acting as a placebo, results of several studies conducted on homeopathy have indicated otherwise. Homeopathy is currently considered a functional and efficacious health treatment, albeit its long duration of action. 

The science of homeopathic medicine is getting popular, and there are at least ten colleges in India that award specialist M.D. degrees in Homeopathy. The Central Council of Homeopathy of the Govt. of India recognizes these, and formulates regulations on their working. 

Many physicians have successfully treated chronic illnesses in patients in India and abroad. Dr. Batra’s Clinic of homeopathy has centres all over India, treating many kinds of illnesses, from psoriasis to heart ailments and respiratory disorders such as COPD. While conventional medication, called allopathy, targets treatment for the area of the body that is affected, homeopathy works on the premise that every part of the body is linked to the other. Therefore, a “cure” for one part, reflects a cure for the whole. 

How it Works

The concept of holistic medicine has been prevalent in India since the Vedic times, and possibly even before that. The rule-of-thumb of homeopathic medicine is no different now than it was ages ago. The goal isn’t to focus on a symptom and administer a short-term cure, but to heal the illness at the root. 

This is the reason why homeopathic treatment is conducted with limited doses of medicine over a long period. Without any side effects, the treatment is safer than most allopathic drugs, and is efficacious for long-term/chronic illnesses. More and more Americans (half of the population) are turning to homeopathy for alleviation of chronic symptoms, since allopathy proved costly, and didn’t yield long-term results.

Cost-wise, homeopathy is a cheaper form of treatment, and though it may not be covered by most insurance companies, certain financial organizations like Bajaj Finserv have health card benefits which let you pay for homeopathic treatment in a more affordable way. Hahnemann, who gave this science its modern name, believed that trace amounts of disease elements can build resistance to full-blown diseases. This, in fact, is the basis of most vaccines.

The Spread of Homeopathy for Chronic Illness

Homeopathy formally saw its entry into near-formal medical treatment in 1844, when the American School of Homeopathy was founded. From here, the gospel of homeopathy spread across Europe, India, and had a huge following, and still has, in the United States of America. Called “alternative” or “complementary medicine”, it is now a billion dollar industry in America, and a growing industry worth crores in India too. 

One in five people use homeopathy in America (according to the Pew Research Center). People who are afflicted by chronic illness, such as frequent ear infections in children, sinusitis, tonsillitis, etc., have found tremendous relief from symptoms by homeopathic treatment.

Dr. Batra’s Clinic is renowned for treatment of children, and boosting overall immunity in their growing and developing years. The popularity of homeopathic treatment started to grow when traditional allopathic antibiotics failed to work on many patients. The patients who turn to homeopathy are part of the population that look for overall wellness, as well as the alleviation of long-term symptoms like that of hair fall conditions, asthma, obesity, heart disease etc. 

If you want to try homeopathic medicine at Dr. Batra’s Clinic, you won’t regret it. It is affordable with the Bajaj Finserv Health EMI Card, offering a one-stop solution for your treatment costs. With this health card, benefits are valuable as it divides your hospital, diagnostic and treatment bills into easy EMIs, with flexible tenors of up to 24 months. You can opt for treatments ranging from dental care, homeopathic treatment, and cosmetic treatment to hair transplants and stem-cell treatments, at 5500+ partners in over 1,000 Indian cities. 

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