6 New, Unique & Stylish ideas for your Gift Card Boxes

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Gone are the days when giving a simple card on special occasions would suffice. Now, as there is packaging for everything, it is why there is packaging for these gift cards too. These Wholesale Gift Card Boxes are manufactured in more than one style and can catch the attention of people easily. These are made with tops of the class materials like Kraft and cardboard to make sure that they look and feel premium. With the help of printing, you can give them any look you want. These are perfect to be exchanged on occasions like weddings, New Year’s, etc.


With each passing day, there is a lot of innovation in the packaging industry. These card boxes are a good way to surprise your loved ones with beautiful designs and attractive styles. To buy Wholesale Gift Card Boxesyou need to read this article about new, unique, and stylish tips for these packages.

Sleeve and tray Packaging


There are a lot of shapes for Gift Card Boxes. Out of all these, the most loved and common style is the sleeve and tray packaging. It is not a new design by any means but is attractive. The basic anatomy of these packages includes a tray with a cut made inside it for placing the greeting card. The other part of this box is the sleeve that wraps around this tray. It is printed with attractive designs and typography to catch attention. The tray is made with thick cardstock of cardboard or Kraft to ensure that it stays in perfect condition. The sleeve is usually not that sturdy as it needs to be flexible to be able to wrap itself around the tray. 


Detachable Lid Boxes


One other popular choice for Custom Gift Card Boxes USA is the detachable lid boxes. These packages are two-piece boxes that are pretty commonly used for more than one item. With the help of custom inserts on the insides of these packages, the unboxing experience can be enhanced. The card is placed in its place in the center of the packaging. These boxes are simpler in style, but with the help of printing or a die-cut window in them, these can be made attractive. These can be manufactured in more than one shape. You can use a round shape or a triangular shape to make it look unique.


Flip-Top Packages


Flip-top packages are yet another beautiful type of packaging, which is one-piece. These are made from a solid construction of cardboard or thick Kraft cardstock to match the sturdiness that is required from them. Inside these packages, the cardholder is glued to the back wall of the box, and the card is placed vertically in it. When the lid is flipped open, the holder pops out, and the card is visible. But when the top lid is closed, the cardholder and the card go down with it. It is an attractive design and pretty popular for special occasions. 



Occasional Designs

Many companies buy Custom Gift Card Boxes Wholesale to send their customers these packages on special occasions. It is mostly done by the corporate sector like banks. On occasions like Christmas and New Year’s, they send these gift packages to their loyal or premium customers. These are filled with a card for appreciation, and sometimes they can add in a bar of chocolate too. With the help of printing, the outsides of these packages are decorated with the theme of the occasion. For example, near Christmas, the box will be designed with red and green colors with an illustration of Santa or Christmas tree on it. 


Branded Themes


Just like occasion designs, some companies use these Custom Printed Gift Card Boxes to make a strong impression of their brand. It is done by instilling the theme of the company in the boxes. It is easily done by using the color of the brand, the logo, and the brand name on it. It is vital for companies that are new in the market and are looking to make a quality impression on the customers or the clients. For example, if McDonald’s is supposed to send these gift packages to a company, they would use the color yellow and their logo on it. 


Personal Touches


For people who are thinking of using them for personal purposes or for giving them to their loved ones, this option is for them. As these packages are fully printable, so you can add personalized touches to them. For example, if you are planning to give it to your loved ones on their birthday. Then you can print personal images or text on it. You can add special messages for the person or share mutual memories. It will create the perfect personalized gift for the person, and they will always keep it close to their heart. 


Now that you know about the popular, unique, and new idea to use them, you can proceed with buying Wholesale Custom BoxesFollow the tips given above in the article to make the most out of it. If you are ready to proceed, then get in touch with a supplier right now and get started!



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