Erectile Dysfunction Test Yourself

What do you know about Erectile Dysfunction till now? The only information which most have people have is that in Erectile Dysfunction or ED your penis does not becomes erect at the time when you badly want it. So, people go for solutions like Fildena, Cenforce, Vidalista from Arrowmeds, which ultimately gives them the required erection. All this is perfectly alright and true but one is interested to know about the factors that led to one falling into the traps of Erectile Dysfunction.

Till we don’t know what the reasons are that led us to this situation, how can we get rid of that disorder completely and forever, some medications will surely provide you some relief but that will be not last a lifetime. If you continue to live the way you were living before, then it is quite possible that you would again be suffering from Erectile Dysfunction. ED testing yourself in all possible manners, let’s understand the reasons in detail in the article. 

Why Does Erectile Dysfunction occur?

There is no not one, but many reasons which result because a male in getting a non-erect penis, from smoking to obesity to diabetes or even some injuries that can cause you ED. Let’s understand what biological changes happen during these physical conditions happening in our bodies. 

Regular consumption of fast food–If you are someone who regularly consumes fast foods, loves eating burgers, pizza, chowmein, or noodles, then you are most vulnerable to ED. These fast-food items and packaged items have a high content of bad cholesterol and high levels of artificial sugar. 

Cholesterol is of two types, good and bad cholesterol, good cholesterol is needed in small amounts for the body, the cholesterol which troubles us is the bad one.. Thus, the organs feel the deficiency of the blood, including our penis, and in such situations, if someone gets sexually stimulated then a lot of difficulties come in moving the blood into the penis.

Whereas high sugar levels lead to a medical condition called diabetes Mellitus also disrupts the blood vessels of the penis, which contributes to Erectile Dysfunction. 

Smoking–Smoking is one of such addictive habits that are responsible for causing many numbers of disorders apart from erectile Dysfunction. When a person smokes, he/she invites several fatal gaseous pollutants like carbon monoxide, lead oxide to enter your body. On mixing with the bloodstream of the body the blood supply to the needy organs is cut off, and the main role is played by carbon monoxide, due to such reasons it is also called the “silent killer”.

A smoker and a non-smoker are different in many ways; a smoker is much more vulnerable to getting ED than a non-smoker. So, if you want to enjoy a happy and satisfying sex life get rid of smoking, one noteworthy thing is that some non-smokers become ED patients. 

Such non-smokers also become smokers indirectly due to chain-smoking, i.e., smoking the smoke of other people in workplaces, in own house if any relative of yours is a smoker.

Alcohol – Alcohol is one of the beverages that has gained a negative reputation due to many misconceptions of society. Any doctor or a medical specialist will tell you that if consumed in small amounts alcohol helps calm down the stress levels which allows you to get better sleep. 

The problem starts when the level of alcohol consumption increases significantly; this disbalances the neurovascular system, which leads the brain to lose its control over the organs. For example, you would have seen in movies or real life, how a drunk person walks in a zig-zag manner. In such situations the blood supply is also blocked, the organs become devoid of blood, many biological processes like secretions of necessary enzymes and hormones are stopped. 

In such a situation if you get sexually active, the penis wouldn’t respond to the brain as the connection is lost due to poor blood supply, no pills like Cenforce 200mg, Vidalista, Fildena from Arrowmeds will work in these circumstances.

The medication of other disorders– There are certain diseases or to say some disorders on whose treatment you have to bear some side effects. For example, in cases of treatment of arthritis, obesity, or diabetes mellitus, Erectile Dysfunction is a common side effect for all of them. 

Patients who are suffering from ED, due to being on medication for some other disorder, shouldn’t be worried much because ED of that type is temporary, as soon as your medication is over and get rid of that disorder your ED will also go away with it. But there have been cases where even after the completion of medication erectile Dysfunction persists, consult a doctor immediately in such situations.

Challenges that need to be overcome

Eating pills like Fildena, Cenforce, and Vidalista from Arrowmeds will indeed help you get the erection that you want. But you must understand going through the suffering times of ED is a journey in itself. You need to be focused and determined and not get carried away with emotions of guilt, dissatisfaction, otherwise, you may land yourself in depression and anxiety. 

Going through ED means facing the tantrums of the society that begins treating you as less masculine, your ego is hurt but you got to move on and follow what your doctor had advised you. Many a time it is seen that the women of such men indulge in extramarital affairs, the married life is ruined, friends and relatives treat you as a subject of comedy. 

It all takes a lot of mental strength and balance to go through all this tumultuous stuff without losing your balance. That’s why doctors and especially sexologists give more of their concern on the psyche of the patient and how it should not be altered by any means, medicines will do their work only if you are mentally determined to get rid of ED. It is fact that, in most of the cases, the health issues are caused for the mental effects on the body itself.

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