Are there bonuses to play real money slots?

Bonuses at King Casino can sometimes be incredibly generous and lucrative offers made to players, this leads some to wonder whether there are any bonuses and promotions which are available to play real money slots.

Huge Variety of Bonuses

The best thing about online slots is the huge variety of bonuses which are made available to players. For new players, these bonuses will come in the form of a welcome offer while older players will typically receive bonuses as a form of loyalty bonus. Though eligibility can vary, the sheer amount of bonuses available for real money slots makes other casino games pale in comparison. Usually there will be some sort of wagering requirement that comes with the bonus, this means that players will not be able to withdraw their winnings until they have wagered a specific amount. It is always best to check the wagering requirement of any bonus that you have agreed to as sometimes there will be a strict time limit. Nevertheless, the best thing about bonuses is that you can actually win real money from them.

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Deposit Bonus

The deposit bonus is the most common and arguably most popular online slot bonus. What this bonus offers players is a bonus for deposited past a certain threshold. This can come in the form of free spins or even free cash. Usually a casino will ask the players to deposit something such as twenty pounds to receive their deposit bonus. A mistake that some players make with this bonus is depositing way over the threshold, the bonus does not improve if you happen to deposit more.

Matched Betting

This bonus is one of the more popular bonuses out there. Essentially, a casino site will ask a player to deposit and match the deposit up to 75%. This means that if you deposit one hundred pounds, your overall total would actually be one hundred and seventy five pounds. Be careful though, online casinos will have a maximum amount you can deposit to receive the bonus.

No Deposit Bonus

This bonus is unique in the fact that it doesn’t actually require a player to deposit anything in order for them to receive it. The no deposit bonus is exactly what it says, a bonus that players can receive without placing a deposit. It is usually reserved exclusively for newer players, it is a great way to entice them to join up to a brand new casino site. This bonus means that players can basically play online slot games for free and even potentially come away with a small amount of money, although this is rare.


There are a huge variety of bonuses that are available for real money slots and they are actually a major factor as to what makes them so fun and inviting to play!

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