Why We Need a Comprehensive Auction Management System to Control Online Bidding of Buyers and Suppliers?

Negotiation is an unpreventable part of the buying process. Auction Management & Bidding Software permits acquisition professionals to automate the entire vendor interaction over the web for the price negotiation. It organizes the procurement process, enhances accuracy and consistency, saves time, substantial collaboration with the vendors, and assures that you will get the best deal for your requirement.

Auction Management

Auction management mentions the bidding process for accomplishing the best value while acquiring/selling intended products or services. Online Auction Sites for Machinery in UK deals with an opening bid, numerous analyses, and estimations along with identifying the right suppliers.

Reverse Auction - 

Reverse auction helps purchasers to achieve the best deal for the reduced price. In a reverse auction, the purchaser sets a base price for the auction to commence and the selected vendors bid against each other for the lowest value to win the agreement. It helps in diminishing the cost and turn-around time, which is critical for every company. It also offers real-time bidding solutions that bring a high level of profitability, control, and simplicity thus making the whole process speedy and efficient.

Reverse auction advantages for the buyer are - price discovery, increased purchasing reach, and capacity to negotiate, improve supply market knowledge, and helps excessively in cost reductions. While it does appear that only buyers seem to gain from reverse e-auctions, the vendors also stand to gain a lot. A few of the benefits for manufacturers are - it enhances supply market intelligence, improves transparency in the bidding process, and a level playing field for suppliers to make sure that they put their best foot forward.

Forward Auction - 

In forward auctions, bids increase by fixed increments in value rather than decrease. A typical Forward e-Auction comprises several potential buyers bidding for products and services provided by a single seller. The procedure of forwarding e-auctions begins with the seller posting his item on the auction portal, registers and competes for contracts/tenders by bidding, and finally, the buyer who produces the highest bid during the auction wins the agreement. The seller's goal is to accomplish the best value for its contract in the shortest time frame possible and to maximize the yields and discover the accurate price they reach out to possible buyers. 

Vendor Selection & Tender Award

Once the auction is conducted, the chosen vendor is awarded the tender with a letter of intent and purchase order.


Auction management needs to deal with few challenges such as cyber security, spyware or malware, hassles, and risks, creation of flexible, user-friendly dashboard, and complete transparency with real-time dissemination of information, extending market reach for purchasers /sellers, and eliminating costs.

How It Can Help

As many people are aware of the importance of auction management in the procurement process, the Best Online Bidding Sites for Machinery in UK provides a comprehensive solution for auction management. The 360-degree method to auction management solution aids buyers & sellers to accomplish better prices with real-time dissemination of information, enhanced buying/selling reach, reduced cycle times, direct cost reductions, better-managed processes with automation, increased market transparency, and gives an equal opportunity for all the selected participants. The solutions have in-built assessors to help you analyze and plan an auction as per your procurement requirements.

Some features of the robust e-auction platform are as followed:

  • Highly customizable and user-friendly dashboard with a separate login for buyers & sellers
  • Couple of auction types
  • Different login links for suppliers, reducing support needs.
  • Upload/Manual facility for entering the e-auction information
  • Auto Extension of auction and auto-bid facility 
  • Easy Integration with superior accounting systems
  • Briefed audit log tracking of all actions
  • Multicurrency and Multilingual support with SMS and email alerts with real-time tracking.
  • MIS Reporting

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