Which 3 Features Needs Your Attention When You Rent A Projector?

A projector is essential equipment whenever you arrange corporate events. You have to arrange an event within your budget. So, the best cost-effective way you can adopt is to Rent A Projector. But it doesn’t mean that you avail renting service of any company and hire any projector.

Any damage to goodwill due to negligence in choosing the right equipment for you can spoil your future journey. Your success in the event industry is associated with the success of an event.

Projector Features:

Here we are going to discuss some features which can affect your event if you ignore them.

1. The positioning of the Projector:

In the case of rear projection, we place a projector behind the screen. A projector is ground supported so you don’t have to bear the cost of its support. Before using rear projection make sure you have enough distance for it.

You have to place a projector in front of the screen if you choose front projection over rear projection. In placing a projector in front of the screen there is a risk of distortion if someone passes from in front of a projector. To avoid that risk you have to bear an additional cost of support.

Front projection is better than rear projection. But the difference is minor. The audience can’t identify that minor difference.

2. The luminosity of A Projector:

Luminosity refers to the brightness of a projector. We measure brightness in terms of lumens. There are other factors too but we are considering brightness here because it has more impact on visuals.

High lumens mean high brightness. A projector having high lumens will be expensive. You can turn off lights while using low brightness projector if you can’t afford high lumen ones. Another option is you can Rent A Projector. You have to decide which option is going to add more value to your event.

3. Difference Between High Definition and Standard Definition projectors:

We all are almost familiar with the terms 480p and 1080p. These terms are the difference between HD and SD. First one refers to SD and the second one refers to HD.

·     Pixels of Both Type of Projectors:

If you just consider 480p and 1080p numbers then for your ease just remember higher the number means higher quality. “p” is a preferred format over “I.”

·     Aspect Ratio of Both Projectors:

The aspect ratio of HD is 16:9 and of SD is 4:3. The knowledge of aspect ratio is important to make your presentation according to it. Otherwise, due to the poor quality of the image, your presentation will lose its impact. It is better to inform presenters before the presentation about the aspect ratio of the projector.


There is no doubt in it that increase in technologies has increased trend of renting equipment. Renting reliable equipment from a reliable company is also important. Ems-Events is providing you with a service of renting state of the art technology of equipment. First, fully understand your need regarding event then you can analyze equipment at a rental company based on these needs.

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