Top Architects In London

London is the world-famous city bridging the gap between historical and modern architecture.  For nearly 2,000 years, people have lived in London, and it is the home of many ancient and modern architectural marvels. Hence, London has the best architects in the world to construct new houses and refurbish old buildings by keeping their aesthetic values. 

Know the top architects

The top architects in London are those with both the skills to design old and new buildings and get the authorities' approvals. They should use all the latest technologies like 3D visualizations to offer immersive designs for various construction work. It may be a new kitchen design or building one more floor, or for house extensions, all should have proper project management.  The best among the top architects is Extension Architecture.

The benefits of using Extension Architecture

Backed by thousands of successful completion of planning applications across the UK and eleven years of experience, EA is sure one of the top architects of London. Being studio specialists, they do the best design and work for house extensions and single-story rear extensions, and many others.

● More than a decade of architectural experience in the UK can work enthusiastically on innovative and exciting projects.

● EA offers the best designs uniquely and creatively, irrespective of the project size or scale.

● With their excellent and experienced team will convert challenges to opportunities and offer the best design that others cannot do

● Have enough experience in designing from residential properties to landmarks to be suitable for any projects

● With extensive planning experience gained over a decade will help guide effortlessly through the nuances of authorities' approval process like LPA to get fast approvals.

● Offers extensive planning services for various buildings and extensions across the UK

● Being the leading residential architectural studio in the UK offers the best extensions and additions to old houses without losing their aesthetic looks, but offers the best modern facilities.

● Their talented team comprising designers, surveyors, planning officers, technicians, and above all, architects make sure all the refurbishment work gets completed in time with unmatched quality.

● Years of architectural experience offer the best packages that suit any reasonable budget with no hidden costs.

● Providing 2D architectural drawings with even the minute details for any complex construction projects help clients to understand all the intricacies of it

● With high-quality 3D visualizations, they bring the concepts to life to precisely display the clients' proposed work to know what they will get to spend their hard-earned money on.

Extension Architecture is a one-stop solution for all house extensions, conversions, and new builds across the UK and to get approvals for plans easily and fast from authorities. Hence, without a doubt, EA is one of the top architects in London to do unique and excellent extensions and other construction work across the UK

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