Top 8 genres of photography and photoshoots

Photography can be of any type or genre, with various differences in length, scale, frame and even the type of camera being used. The Kolkata photographers are known for their exorbitant variations in photoshoots, and pictures. Here are the top eight most popular kinds of  photography that made its way in the media industry.

1.     Illahi, mera jee aya’- Travel Photography

Remember Bunny from Yeh Jawani Hai Dewani? That exactly happens to be the dream lived by all travel photographers out there. Traveling around the globe like a vagabond, and clicking the best moments featuring different cultures and communities. The Kolkata photographers start their journey in the similar pattern, by the fantastic cultures of Santinketan or Bishnupur.

2.     ‘Fashion Ka Hai yeh Jalwa’- Fashion Photography

The world of Fashion is self explanatory, the purpose of this is meant for promotional purposes and obviously consists of lots and lots of photoshoots. Like the photoshoots happening around the ramps, studios or the outdoor model shoots. Basically this sort of photos feature models who escort fashion and jewelry brands.

3.     Advertisement and brands- Commercial photography

The Kolkata photographers do have their individual rates for clicking commercial images for brands and advertisements. These brands do hire freelancers, or have their own professionals, to click these images for commercials and events. Products like Health Drink, grocery products, health care products and also cosmetic  products do have advertisement measures.

4.     Before the wedding bell rings- Pre Wedding Photoshoot

You definitely have the desire to get your pre-wedding photoshoot from the best Kolkata photographers. The one who will understand your chemistry with your partner. The one who will accomplish your story into pictures, make it the most memorable event before you tie an union with your partner forever.

5.     The Life changing moments- Wedding Photography

Weddings are meant to change your entire life from one point to a completely new dimension. The love and warmth of marriages, that are captured in the files of photographers. The Kolkata photographers are said to be professionals in creating and capturing the best of such memories. The best way of eluding the memories of a wedding for a lifetime.

6.     A journey of newness- Post wedding Photoshoot

The most deliberate work of Kolkata photographers has to be clicking the right and the perfect moment of any event or photoshoot. Well, a post wedding photoshoot is definitely that love and admiration which follows any kind of an event. This is the aftermath of a wedding function that calls for you to get the best moments of your wedding.

7.     Shoot me, when I’m indifferent- Candid Photography

Oh no, this isn’t what it sounds like. This basically means clicking a picture when someone is not aware of that moment. Like, the image that is clicked for someone when he or she is not aware of it. There are many Kolkata photographers who have specialised in this field of photography. When one is not aware of their click, but the professional gets the most natural and candid shots.

8.     Best photo of your Junior- Baby photography

Obviously right after your wedding, it is the time for a baby! I’m kidding, it is completely upon you when you want to plan a child. But these Kolkata photographers do have the best facilities to click the best moments of a child's life. Like, the best moment of their rice ceremony, or the special moment of their caste conversions. These are some of the most special moments of a child’s life. Hence, it needs to be clicked for the best nostalgia.

So, these are some of the most famous genres of Kolkata photographers. Each has its unique speciality and choices. But every genre has its uniqueness which makes them special and reliant for the audiences. So get your best moments captured for the big day!.

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