Tips On How To Host An Easy Mind Blowing Housewarming Party

Just moved into your new house? How does it feel? I know the feeling is beyond words. It is your place where you will be making new memories here. This place may be owned by you, it would be better than the old one, I mean that is the reason you have moved here, right? Now you can decorate it, revamp it according to your will, no interference from the landlords, you are your own master. Okay, I have tried to put the feelings in words. But all I know is that you are feeling great and that you are throwing a housewarming party.

You have settled down and now you are ready to flaunt your place amongst your friends and family. Inviting them for a housewarming party is the best way to celebrate your move, share your happiness with people who care about you and show them around. Having your favourite people over actually makes the place warmer and cozier, in short, makes the place feel like home. So, housewarming parties have been a tradition for a long and people throw one because people welcome you to your new place and warm it up with their present. 

Housewarming parties are a bit different. It is nothing like a birthday party or an anniversary party. There are various things that you would want to keep in mind before you throw one. Planning a housewarming party is easy, you just have to book decorations such as order online flowers delivery in mumbai, arrange a few drinks, food and have a good time. Well, this may be how it looks to the invitees, but not for the host. Here are some tips for the host.

Guest list is not an option

The first thing to keep in mind when arranging a party is to prepare a guest list. Many people skip it and don’t think that preparing an actual list is so important. It saves you from so much confusion otherwise you end up either inviting unnecessary people or miss the essential ones. So, sit down and discuss with your partner the people who you would like to invite. This way, you have an idea of the footfall and you can arrange other things like food and seating arrangements accordingly. In my suggestion, keep the guests limited, only the ones who are truly happy for you.


You know it's the first impression of your place, your friends and family would be visiting you for the first time and judge it. So, it must look the prettiest that mesmerise everyone and show why you shifted here. Pay attention to the decor as it should be on fleek. Since the place is already new, you would have to put in extra effort, just a little addition here and there will do the work. You can put fairy lights, add balloons to the lobby where everyone would be chilling. It will make your place look insta ready because everyone will be chicking pictures right?  

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Send out proper invitations

When you have prepared a list, don't forget to send out invitations. Well, when you are hosting a housewarming party, it is important to invite people properly. It does not matter if you are sending out invitation cards or going for virtual invites, your invitations should have all the necessary details like the date, address, timings, etc, this looks nice and formal.

Arrange food

Okay, now let's talk about what all you need when people are finally at your place, food- that's what you need. Of course, food is mandatory, you won’t send people from your home starving, right? So, arrange for ample food that will be enough for the number of guests you are expecting. Also, you can get a cake delivery as well as dessert and complete the party. When it’s you attending a party as a guest, don’t forget to send flowers to delhi online in advance or bring a fresh bouquet along with you.

Drinks too

When you are arranging food for your lovely guests, don't forget to arrange for drinks as well. It’s like a combo, food is always followed by drinks and vice versa. Need not always alcohol, you can get juices and mocktails for the people who don't drink alcohol. low carb diet

These are some useful tips to host an easy yet mind blowing housewarming party

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