Tips for Redesigning Your Office

As a business owner, ensuring maximum productivity of your employees is important. A well-designed office plays a large part in not only the well-being of your employees and business performance but also directly affects their productivity.

If you have decided to redesign your office, be it installing new LED strip lights, or investing in ergonomic furniture, or just adding colour to some of your existing elements, here are a few tips that will make the whole process easy and successful.

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Natural light

Redesigning your office space can be as simple as maximising natural light. Install a few large glass windows for better ventilation and more light.


Poor lighting is bad for productivity.  For your electrical lights, introduce smart lighting. Opt for LED light strips that allow you to adjust it depending on your preference and according to your needs. LED strips are available in many colours.

Ergonomic furniture and enough space for storage

Your employees spend around eight to ten hours working. If they do not have comfortable chairs, they might develop posture issues leading to less productivity. A comfortable chair brings numerous health benefits for your employees. Moreover, bad furniture is not good for business prospects. Clients have a better image of your company if they notice that everything is clean and new. Desks with enough space and storage will keep your office tidy and organised.

A dash of colour

Colours not only play an important role in sprucing up your office but also in boosting productivity. Earthy colours can improve efficiency and focus, while warmer colours can enhance innovative thinking and creativity.

A green corner

You do not need to hire a gardener to bring in indoor plants into your office. Connect with nature by having plants in the office. Plants have a calming effect, clean the air, improve its aesthetic appeal and help to reduce noise levels. There is plenty of low-maintenance plants that can get you started on your green corner. You could get indoor plants that suit your office environment and decor.

Opt for an open space for shared components

When you decide to redesign your office space, opt for an open layout that allows for easy collaboration and sharing of features like printers and other equipment.

A break room

Adding a break room offers an opportunity for employees to take a break from work to connect, socialise and relax. Include comfortable seats and table, some fun elements like foosball or other games, even a yoga mat or comfortable rugs. You can also create a quiet corner for those who want to read or meditate. Creating a snack bar with healthy food items or installing a coffee machine can help give employees what they need during their breaks.

With the above tips, you can turn your office space into a modern working environment that improves the appearance while meeting the needs of your staff. LED strip lights are elements that lighten up your office interiors.

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