With the best billing & invoicing software, you can quickly and accurately manage your business expenses and income. This does it more comfortable to hold track of costs, savings, and tax liabilities.




1. FreshBooks


2. Zoho Invoice


3. Simplybill


4. Invoicera


5. Express Invoice



When it gets to billing and invoicing, it is possible to do everything manually in a spreadsheet or a real book. But, if you go this route, there is a prospect that errors will happen, not least about invoice numbers and dates, but you may even bill too late. Automated billing software simplifies the entire billing process considerably.


Even better, many invoicing and billing software solutions cost little or can even be used free of charge. Many offer free trials that you can try them out with. This is a welcome option for startups or small businesses to see which option is best for them - and even enterprise versions are available.


Most billing solutions run from the cloud, so there are typically no downloads, just a web portal where your bills and statements can set up, accessed, sent, or edited using mobile apps, no matter where you are.


Also, simple invoices are usually provided, but workflows allow estimates, time, and cost breakdowns, even when working in teams.


Some invoicing software works as a standalone package, others as part of a larger accounting software platform, so you can upgrade to a more complicated upgrade if necessary. The billing software can also work with some expense tracking apps and software.


To support the decision-making process in choosing the right solution for your company, we have listed the best accounting software for billing here.


We also highlighted the best payment gateways.





Simple and easy invoicing software

FreshBooks simplifies invoicing and billing with easy-to-create and edit templates and a range of features to ensure the overall process is streamlined and useful for a range of business models.

This includes the ability to make a deposit and automate reminders. Also, everything is stored online in the cloud, so you can access your stored data from any device using mobile apps. You can also keep track of your business bills and expenses. There's also a convenient feature that allows you to connect to your bank account to import the data and make expense management more effortless.


If you're billing your time instead of products, there's also a timer feature that lets you keep track of how much billable time you're spending on a project. This is also true when you need to lead a team and monitor how much work each person has put into a project to collect a given client's total fee.


This can also present in an itemized format for the customer, so they know what they are paying for. If the customer is concerned about the cost of a project, you can also give them access to estimates in the cloud if necessary

Zoho Invoice

All-in invoicing software for billing

Zoho Invoice is a well-organized and easy-to-use software invoicing solution for small and medium-sized businesses. It has many features that are easy to navigate, and some of them can be automated to save you time on billing.


Zoho Invoice also offers its report generator. While running on the cloud, you can access and update it from the available apps. This product is also integrated into 11 payment gateways and can bill internationally, so there should be no problems with accepting payments.


Suppose you're looking for a solution to manage invoices. In that case, statements, quotes, contacts, and expenses, Zoho Invoice has it all covered and can be further integrated with other Zoho products such as Zoho Mail, Zoho CRM, and Zoho Books.


The software is available for up to five users, and this can be very useful for a startup to test the water and see if it's worth moving on to Zoho Invoice.


While there is a more costly plan for unlimited customers, it might be worth upgrading to Zoho Books instead of that option. The latter has both invoicing software and general accounting software. For heavy users, unless you have an alternative, it might be better to upgrade the product than the plan.

3  Simplybill

The billing software that makes invoicing simple

As the title implies, Simplybill has explained billing software with all of the necessary functionality you would require for fixing up and sending invoices, including the capacity to set up automatic tax rates (even for many countries).


The product runs in the cloud to access your account on the go using mobile apps. You can receive push notifications if an invoice becomes overdue.


One downside is that payment gateways are not currently supported, although Simplybill allows PayPal subscription links.


The prices for Simplybill are unusually based not on the number of customers but only on the number of invoices sent each month.

4  Invoicera

Invoicing software with lots of billing options

Invoicera is a different platform for advertising and invoicing software for handling payments, time reporting, and project costs. Similar to most others, it is cloud-based and can be reached via apps on the go. It's simple to set up, but the software has many characteristics that allow you to cover about any billing look outside of direct accounting.


While Invoicera doesn't have as many templates as other providers, its offer is fully customizable. There are also several options for automation, including recurring invoices and subscriptions, all of which can be paid through a full range of payment gateways.


Also, Invoicera has a useful feature to add late payment fees, if applicable automatically. Another exciting option is the ability to operate multiple trade names or companies on the same account.


There is a free starter package for up to three customers. After that, various chargeable offers are available.


5  Express Invoice

Invoicing software that allows you to get control of billing

Express Invoice from NCH Software is downloadable billing and invoicing software that works on their business network or network rather than the cloud for company owners who also need direct power over their data.


This benefits that invoices can be written or faxed immediately instead of doing sent by email as with other solutions. This also means that you manage your business data and not a third party liable for it. While there aren't any mobile apps, Express Invoice lets you sync other devices like laptops, Android phones, and Amazon's Fire tablets.


It's a more simple app than others featured here that focuses on building invoices from quotes fast and efficiently, rather than directly doing the billing and payment.


Pricing begins with a free basic version, although a paid version is also available for multi-company handling. Also, note that you can add users at no additional cost since this is a downloadable program.

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