The Age Gap in Relationships

Couples having age gap of more than five to fifteen years are said to account for eight.5 percent of the total American population. An older male with a young woman is the most common scenario with approximately 1.3 percent of couples being made up of an old man and a young woman.

But what is an age difference and how does it affect marriage? This article will give some useful information. The first part gives background information on why this type of arrangement exists, what it entails and what effect it may have on marriages in general.

If an adult couple has an age gap of more than five years, they are called "age-spouses". In these cases, both partners are considered to be of different ages, but their ages are within the range of what is legally acceptable in a state or country. This is the case because marriage is a legally binding contract, which involves two people who are of different ages.

What does this age gap mean to the married partners? It can be considered a legal form of "marital rape" since the woman, technically, cannot say "no" if the man pushes her or puts his arm around her or touched her inappropriately. 

But many people think that a young woman's willingness to enter into a relationship with an older married man, with all the responsibilities that go with it, makes her less likely to complain about a sexual relationship when she gets older.

Older men often have much more control over their relationships than women do. Since it is not uncommon for an older man to have a full time job, many women find it difficult to ask for a break from the demands of marriage and family life. 

An old man can usually just walk away from the situation at any time without losing face. But for a young woman, entering into a relationship with an older man can mean the loss of job opportunities and social connections.

Older men are more likely to be able to look past the problem and take responsibility for their actions, while younger women are more likely to blame the man and withdraw from their partner completely. 

An older man is also often able to manipulate his partner in order to get what he wants from the relationship. He has more power and can often persuade a younger woman to give up rights that she would normally be willing to give up in order to keep him happy.

Older men have less to lose by manipulating a woman, and so they can be more aggressive in their attempts to have their way. The old woman is less likely to feel threatened or hurt by her partner's advances than the younger one. 

She is also more likely to be willing to be more open and honest in expressing feelings and concerns.

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