Only Ronaldo failed in the power of 'later'

Home field means strong prestige. In cricket, lately, everyone is wearing the tiger tag at home and the cat tag on the next field. This has been true in football for a long time. Even the weakest team in the league changes when they play at home. Hundreds of myths about Camp Nou, Anfield, Old Trafford or the Bernabeu have never been created by chance.

Then came the Coronal period. Playing on a field without spectators due to a contagious epidemic. This spectator plays the biggest role in making the home field a fort. The excitement, the screams, the roar that inspires the teams is unmatched by any other source. Suddenly the forts are no longer forts. This time the Champions League proved it again.

In the first leg of the last 16, the teams have beaten the home field. Only Cristiano Ronaldo could not take the next field.

The first day of the second round has stunned everyone. Barcelona and PSG faced at Camp Nou. The last time the two teams met was on this field, the result of the match was 6-1 for Barcelona. The memory of Barcelona's return after the 4-0 defeat at PSG kept Bar আশাa's hopes alive this time. But at home, Bar্সa had to endure the disappointment of a 4-1 defeat. That night Liverpool returned from a 2-0 victory over Leipzig.

The next day another Spanish club had to accept the fate of Bara. Killian Mbappe drowned Barcelona. And Arling Harland, Mbopp's only rival in the new generation of players, has defeated Sevilla. Borussia Dortmund of Harland lost to Sevilla 3-2. However, he made the hosts smile in another match of the night. Ronaldo returned to the country in the last 16 matches. But Juventus lost 2-1 at Porto.

Next week's matches have proved Ronaldo an exception. At home, Lazio's Bayern lost 4-1. Bayern have been in great form in Europe since last season. Bayern lost to Barcelona 6-2. But no one could have imagined that Atletico Madrid, the top team in La Liga, would lose to Chelsea at home, far behind Bar –a-Real.

The same thing happened the next day. Real Madrid have won by one goal despite struggling at Atalanta. Manchester City, meanwhile, beat Borussia Monchengladbach 2-0.

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