Nepal Is Beautiful Country With Great Natural Beauty

Nepal is a country that possesses many natural wonders and is considered to be the most beautiful country on earth. It is a land of lakes, glaciers, mountains, deep valleys, and rich fertile valleys. It is a country that is surrounded by numerous glaciers and covered with trees all around the year. 

Due to the climatic conditions of this country, Nepal is considered to be one of the most challenging countries to visit in the whole world. However, all the efforts that the government has made so far have resulted in making Nepal an extremely attractive tourist destination for the tourists.

Nepal is a country which is considered to be endowed with unique geographical features and rich flora & fauna. There are several natural hot spots that are popular among the tourists of Nepal, especially in the northern part of the country. 

The most popular natural attraction of the country is the Himalayan range. The peaks of this range are covered with snow all over the year and provide the country with some of the best scenic and natural attractions. A lot of effort goes in preserving the natural beauty of the country, and the people are very fortunate as they can witness these natural wonders anytime.

Another significant natural feature of this country is the huge glaciers that cover the northern part of the country. The people of this country do not allow people from other countries to see the faces of the glaciers because it is very sacred for them. 

The country's government has worked out a strategy that allows the climbers and other tourists to go to the regions where there are large glaciers. The tourists also enjoy seeing the amazing scenery of the beautiful mountains and the landscapes of the country's villages and towns.

Nepal is also famous for its rich fauna and flora. There are several national parks and sanctuaries in the country that have a lot of rich fauna and flora. 

Some of the most popular and important parks and sanctuaries of Nepal are the Himalayas, National Parks, Manang, Langtang, Rasuwa, Mount Everest, Dolpo, Tsum Valley, Langtang, Dhaulagiri, and more. These parks and sanctuaries provide a wonderful opportunity for hiking, trekking, nature watching, birding, and much more. In addition to this, Nepal is a top destination for ecotourism wherein many travellers from all over the world come to explore the natural beauty of the country.

Nepal is also famous for its diverse culture and tradition. The people of this country follow many different religions and practices. Nepal is also known for the high tolerance levels between the Hindu and the Muslim communities. 

Despite being a secular country, the people of Nepal still practice their own religion and culture, as well as the original Buddhism. The country's primeval culture, traditional festivals, and customs have preserved its pristine natural beauty, and as a result, Nepal is gaining more popularity as a destination for tourists.

When you are planning to visit Nepal, the best option is to book your trip online. There are several tour and travel companies which offer excellent Nepal tour packages, including budget tours, luxury tours, adventure tours, and self-guided tours. 

Most popular destinations and tourist hot spots such as Everest base, Manaslu, Dolpo, and Langtang are accessible from Nepal, as it is a country with excellent road, rail, and air network that make travelling in and around the country easy and quick. 

So, if you are planning to visit a country that is blessed with natural beauty, culture, and tradition, do not hesitate anymore but book your Nepal package to enjoy the beauty of the land forever.

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