Military plane crashes in Bangladesh, killing 8 army officers

A military plane has crashed in Nigeria, killing seven people. All the dead were army officers. The accident happened on Sunday local time near the capital Abuja. This information has been given in the report of the international news agency AFP.

The cause of the crash was not immediately clear, AFP reported. Authorities say the pilot sent a message that the engine was out of order just before the crash.

Nigerian Air Force spokesman Ibikunle Daramola said in a statement that the Nigerian Air Force's Beechcraft KingAir B350i engine crashed on its way back to Abuja airport after sending a message that it was out of order. Tragically, all seven passengers on the plane were killed.

A video of the accident was published on social media. The video shows water cannons being used to put out the fire. Many people gathered at the scene.

The Air Force said the incident was under investigation. Confirming the crash, the Nigerian aviation minister said, "We should calmly wait for the military's investigation report."

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