Madea's Farewell Play Full Play on TV Online Free

 The mogul is saying goodbye to the character that helped make him a serious force within the industry.

ViacomCBS' BET and Tyler Perry Studios, will stream Madea's Farewell Play starting Aug. 27. The play is that the 21st and final one within the Madea series, which helped launch Perry toward becoming the mogul he's today.

"Tyler Perry’s Madea burst onto the scene and entered our hearts over 20 years ago, and that we are honored to share this end performance with BET+ subscribers,” said BET+ head Devin Griffin. "Now, quite ever, is that the time to celebrate family and unity and Tyler Perry's Madea's Farewell Play does just that."

Madea has appeared in additional than 20 of Perry's plays, which eventually led to a series of 11 movies that culminated in 2019's A Madea Family Funeral. 

"I don't need to be her age playing her, so it had been time to shut it down and advance ," Perry told The Hollywood Reporter at the film's premiere in February 2019. "I've got another things i would like to try to to , and during this next 50, I'm getting to do something different."

Madea's Farewell Play also stars Cassi Davis, David Mann, Tamela Mann, Kwaylon Rogers, Alexis Hollins, Anthony Lewis, Jacobi Brown, Ashlee B. Gillum, Walter Fauntleroy, RaVaughn Brown and Kendrick Mays. The performance was filmed during a tour of the play earlier within the year.

The play has Madea driving to a rural Georgia town to be together with her family as they celebrate her great-grandson graduating from school of law . The family is in need of a cheerful time after Darlene (Hollins) has skilled a bitter divorce, leaving her financially and emotionally drained. 

The entire family has pitched in to assist Darlene and her son Malik (Jacobi Brown) as he has barely paid his tuition bills. The graduation party is off to a joyous start until Darlene’s ex-husband shows up uninvited. Sparks immediately begin to fly, as Madea begins to repair everyone’s life.

Perry wrote and directed Madea's Farewell Play and executive produces the filmed version. Michelle Sneed and Mark Swinton exec produce for Tyler Perry Studios. 

BET+ may be a venture between ViacomCBS and Tyler Perry Studios and features two original series from Perry — Ruthless, a by-product of The Oval that airs on the BET linear network, and Bruh — and is that the streaming home of his film, stage and television productions (minus those he created under a previous deal at Discovery's OWN). Perry features a multi-year content partnership with ViacomCBS that runs through 2024.

Tyler Perry’s Madea character was launched on stage before gracing the large screen

Before Perry struck creative gold in Hollywood, he shared his art with live theater audiences. Following within the footsteps of the likes of TV stars Flip Wilson and Martin Lawrence, Perry found success writing and starring in stories as Madea, a robust and funny female character. Then, after creating a series of hit plays, he introduced the character to movie fans.

Madea debuted within the 2005 film, Diary of a Mad Black woman , starring Kimberly Elise, Steve Harris, Shemar Moore, Cicely Tyson, and therefore the incomparable Perry performing triple duty as Brian, Joe, and Madea.

In the scene-stealing role of Madea, a no-nonsense woman with a trigger finger, Perry garnered laughs dispensing sharp one-liners and pearls of wisdom. After the nice and cozy reception from audiences in Diary of a Mad Black woman , Perry brought Madea back to the silver screen in numerous other films. Madea’s most up-to-date appearance was within the 2019 comedy romp, Tyler Perry’s a Madea Family Funeral.

TYLER PERRY’S MADEA’S FAREWELL PLAY Stream on BET+. Last year, Tyler Perry threw on his gray wig, lipstick and thick, square glasses, and hit the road: He was getting to retire his most famous character, Madea, but first he was taking her on a final tour. 

The show he presented, “Madea’s Farewell Play,” covers familiar Madea territory: wisecracks, music and a plot built on a school of law graduation that brings the family back together — food for fans who stream this recorded version. “That old broad has been good to me, so who knows — maybe within the future"> at some point I’ll tell the story of Madea in the ’70s and hire a true actress to play the role,” Perry wrote in an essay within the ny Times last year. “But the time of playing her has come to an end.”

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