How to Treat Sleeping Disorders with TCM and Acupuncture

Sleep disorders are becoming a common concern in the majority of people. With the stress of day to day life soaring high, people are facing problems in sleeping throughout the night. So, why can’t you sleep? Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese medicine have tried hard to find the root cause of sleep disorders, especially insomnia and have made significant findings.

Why are you facing troubles while sleeping?

The best TCM in Singapore suggest that it is very important to know the reasons of sleep disorders. A TCM Singapore will never prescribe you a treatment without identifying the core reason of your sleeping problems. Some of the common factors that lead to sleep disorder include:

1-      Stress and anxiety are the two most common reason for sleep disorders.

2-     It can also be a side effect from any medicine of lifestyle change.

3-    Consuming a lot of caffeine, nicotine, or alcohol can also cause sleep disorder.

4-    Not maintaining a sleep schedule can lead to sleep disorders.

5-    Improper sleep hygiene such as poor diet before bed or excessive screen time before bed can also cause sleep disorder.

6-    If you have restless leg problem or sleep apnea, you can also face sleep disorders.


It is important that you must know the common symptoms of sleep disorder. Many times, sleep disorders go unnoticed as the person suffering with it has little idea about them and associate its condition with other problems. The major symptoms of sleep disorders include:

1-      You face troubles falling asleep.

2-      You wake up very frequently throughout the night.

3-      You wake up early in the wee hours of the morning and couldn’t sleep back.

4-   You feel worried or anxious during sleep as soon as when you wake up. If you have racing thoughts while sleeping and when waking up, you are suffering with sleep disorder.

5-     You have a feeling of irritation or depression that affects your sleep cycle and quality What are the core effects of poor sleep?

So, why is it important for you to take enough sleep? Irrespective of the reason for sleep disorder, the side effects of sleep disorder can be experienced by all. As per the TCM Singapore, you may experience one or several of the below-mentioned problems:

1-     Nit feeling energetic even after sleeping all through the night.

2-    Fatigue, drowsiness and tiredness during the day.

3-    Boost in irritability and anxiety

4-    Memory loss or loss of concentration

5-   Headaches frequently

6-   Digestive system disorders

7-    Muscle tension and tightness

How TCM & Acupuncture can prove helpful in treating sleep disorder?

Insomnia is one of the most common sleep disorder that the majority of population suffers with. Also, most of the people want a non-drug treatment for their sleep disorders. Because treating sleep disorders is way beyond than just consuming sleeping pills and sleeping overnight, it is imperative to treat the root cause and there is no better way for it than relying on TCM and acupuncture.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture in Singapore rely on natural methods of treating bodily problems including sleep disorders. Some of the benefits of TCM and acupuncture for sleep disorders are:

1    Both the methods emphasize on correcting the nervous system which helps the body in relaxing and improvising the quality of sleep.

2-    The methods are focused at improvising lifestyle which helps in remaining energetic all day long.

3-     People feel less fatigue when they undergo TCM and acupuncture treatment.

    The benefits for memory and concentration are significant when undergoing TCM and acupuncture treatment.

5-      The anxiety levels and tension decrease very efficiently. A person can feel decline in stress levels.

6-      Digestive system problems, as well as headaches, can be cured using TCM and acupuncture.

TCM and acupuncture works on improvising a range of sleep factors that boost sleep quality in humans. It can also improve the sleep duration and ensure that the human body wakes up well-rested and energized. The methods focus on balancing the nervous system which regulates all the primary functions of the body including sleep. When paired with Chinese herbs, the effects of acupuncture n the nervous system can be further improved.

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