5 best Theme Decoration for Engagement Party in London


Engagement parties are special, not only to the people getting engaged but also to the near and dear ones of the couple. An engagement party is the best way to get along with your family and friends to kick off the next big event that is about to come. The engagement ceremonies let people from both sides know each other better. 

While planning for a ceremony as such you need to take care of things such as hiring a host, deciding a date, making a guest list, choosing the venue, sending out invitations, and choosing out your outfits. There is more to that, one most important thing to consider while making your engagement party truly memorable is planning a theme. Here are 5 different themes that you can use to decorate your engagement party –

1. BBQ theme – Make your garden the best BBQ joint in the town. Setting up a BBQ theme is very simple, budget-friendly and there is so much that you can do on your side. You’ll never run out of ideas with this theme. Everyone can catch up to the grilling part one after another and that would be a great way to socialize with each other. 

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Ideas for BBQ party – You can set up some old wooden pallets for sitting and dining, attach a bunch of lanterns, arrange outdoor game sessions, a drink session, etc.

2. Picnic theme – Picnic parties are perfect for relaxed parties. Head over to your local park with all the food and decoration material. This is a great idea if you are involving kids to your party. Ideas – You can hang streamers and tassel garlands from the trees, you can prepare picnic baskets for the guests inside which you can keep paper plates, napkins and cutlery, pick out your favourite summer food for the menu and lastly set up outdoor games for fun. Exchanging  engagement ring London in a park really seems fun.

3. Christmas/wonderland theme – If its wintertime, Christmas or wonderland theme would be best for your engagement party. You can DIY so many decoration items such as fairy lights in glass jars, pine cones in hurricane candle vase, wine glass charms and paper snowflakes.

More ideas – You can add as many as possible fairy lights and lanterns up the path to the venue, mix up some big jars of signature Christmas cocktails for the guests, and do not forget about fun party games.

4. Date theme – Decorate the venue with the memories of your first date! This is a super sweet idea. You can literally recreate your first date just with your friends and family.

Ideas – Make a framed relationship timeline or DIY with all the important dates or you can act out your first date in front of everyone.

5. Boat theme – Keeping your engagement party on a boat can be an outstanding idea. Think about the night-time party down the Thames taking in London’s sight and you declaring your engagement with your partner with an engagement ring. Choose your favourite engagement ring from hatton garden jewellers london.

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