5 Actionable OpenCart SEO Tips for Your E-Commerce Store

Sales are what everyone strives for – but what about optimization?

How much time and effort are you putting into optimizing your website?

This is obvious, to make sales, your website will need more visibility on search engines. And, that is not possible unless you optimize your e-commerce store or make it go through the process of SEO.

OpenCart SEO is a complex process because you need a lot of technical knowledge about the website structure. You can take help from reliable ecommerce SEO service providers to make your OpenCart E-commerce website rank on search engines. 

You can also optimize your OpenCart e-commerce store by using these workable tips, which we have tried to make simple for you. They will surely help to boost your website’s rankings.

1.     Add User-Friendly URLs:

The default URL is always complicated, and they are not readable by ordinary people who do not have any technical knowledge. We understand that your potential customers do not possess enough technical knowledge to read your URL. And, the search engine also knows it.

Search engines look at your URLs before ranking your website. Therefore, an easily readable URL is essential for ranking higher on Google and other search engines. 

Fortunately, you can optimize your URL by using these simple steps:

        Go to OpenCart dashboard -> System -> Settings -> Edit -> Server tab

        Click ‘Yes’ to optimize your URL.

        Go to your site’s root folder and access the file named ‘.htaccess.txt’.

        Rename this file to ‘.htaccess.’

        Now enter the main keywords for your product pages for which you want to rewrite the URLs. 

This can be done by navigating the data tab while creating and editing items. 
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2. Optimize your OpenCart Header and Title Tags:

Search engines index and rank all the pages separately. When you optimize all your pages, you significantly increase organic traffic to your website. The first step is optimizing header and title tags for SEO. 

For this purpose, you must use H1 and H2 tags in a clear hierarchy. Most e-commerce stores use H1 as a product name and H2 as a product model. You can also generate OpenCart title tags automatically.

When you click the ‘Advanced’ tab, it allows you to enter exact parameters for SEO extension that needs to be included in OpenCart title tags. Now click ‘Generate’ for missing titles and ‘Start Fresh’ to replace all titles with new ones. 

3. Optimize your Meta Title and Meta Description:

Ensure that they have an excellent ‘Meta Title’ and ‘Meta Description’ designed separately for each product, category, and page. This can be done for the homepage as well. All you need to click is System > Settings.

All your product categories and product pages must have their unique ‘Meta Title’ and ‘Meta Description.’ One thing that search engines prioritize is uniqueness. Your website may not get a good ranking when your content or Meta Tags are very similar to your competing websites. Unique and appropriate Meta titles will enable your e-commerce site and pages for OpenCart SEO.

For example, when a user asks, ‘best chain saw under $100’ and you have such page with a proper OpenCart SEO, including a unique Meta Title and Meta Description, Google will rank your page.

4. Remove Duplicate Content:

As we already discussed, search engines prefer uniqueness. The duplicate content on your website can make the search engines reject it during the ranking process. Here you will lose a lot of organic traffic and eventually suffer losses. Removing all duplicate content is an essential process. 

You need to fix when your site is accessible with two URLs, with and without www. It may also lead to de-indexing if not corrected promptly. 

For example;



now you can fix this issue in two steps:

        Open .htaccess and go to these lines “RewriteEngine On RewriteBase/”

        Now write the following: 

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^www\.(.+) [NC]
RewriteRule ^(.*) <a class=”vglnk” href=”http://%1/$1″ rel=”nofollow”><span>http</span><span>://%</span><span>1</span><span>/$</span><span>1</span></a> [R=301,NE,L]

Using canonical tags serves as 301 redirect which gives message to the search engines that multiple pages on your OpenCart are actually one. In this way your ranking is not lowered by search engines.

5. Optimize the Website Speed:

Customers do not stay on websites that take time to load, and search engines also prefer faster websites. Your OpenCart store must be optimized for fast loading to rank on search engine result pages. You can improve your website’s loading speed by using various techniques.

        Opencart website can be cached by using any right cache solution such as Qcache.

        Choose a hosting provider with very high speed.

Final Verdict:

Applying simple yet actionable OpenCart SEO techniques can make a marked difference in the number of organic visitors and eventually boost your website’s sales. It also helps you to stay on top of the e-commerce game by challenging your competitors.

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