10 Features That Every Granny Flat Must Have

If you have been thinking of building a granny flat in your property, but are not sure what features to include, then here we have listed the ten best features that every granny flat must-have.

10 Best Granny Flat Features

1. Type of roof

You can either take tiles or a COLORBOND® steel roof for your granny flat. The choice will depend upon your aesthetic preferences and the durability you want. It is also possible to match your granny flat's roof with the roof of your main property.

2. Solar Panels

You can also include solar panels on your roof, or you can add solar panel tiles as well. You can get solar batteries also on your package. It is a perfect option because it can save a lot of money on your future power bills.

3. Type of Flooring

When it comes to flooring, you get as many options as you will get in your original dwelling. You can use tiles, bamboo, laminated flooring, or you can go for carpets or hardwood. You can apply the same flooring through the whole granny flat, or you can change the ones in bedrooms.

4. Kitchen

Kitchens are the essential features of granny flats, especially if you plan to rent them. You can design a nice cozy kitchen that will enhance the value of your flat. You can include stone countertops, bar fridge, and island bench. You can add as many features as you want in your kitchen to make it more convenient. All you have to do is ensure that the design and appliances suit your needs. But one thing to remember here is that these flats are much smaller and therefore, the size of the kitchen will be smaller. So, choose your features wisely and don't make it look stuffed.

5. Bathroom

In the bathroom of a granny flat, you can have all the necessary items such as a mirror, sink, shower, shelves, and toilet. But as they are small, you cannot have a bathtub.

6. Bedrooms

Bedrooms are a necessary part of granny flats. They can either look like a regular small bedroom or wall-less studio. You will also have to incorporate a bed and wardrobe in your bedroom. If the flat doesn't have a bedroom, it is not classified under granny flats.

7. Living room

You can make a living room as you desire. You can add a couch, television, and a few more accessories. Most of these flats don't have a designated dining room though.

8. Accessibility

These flats are mostly designed for senior citizens; therefore, they should have ample space to walk without any hazards. Granny flats should be designed to have wide doorways and hallways to allow wheelchairs if need be. It is best if you avoid steps in the house's exterior and interior to eliminate the risk of tripping.

9. The number of floors

You can make a single or double-story granny flat. But it will depend upon the law of your state. You will have to confirm from your state council.

10. Additional room

Mostly these flats comprise of one bathroom, kitchen, and two bedrooms. But even if it has single occupancy, having an extra room will cause no harm. You can use it as a guest room, study room, or workplace; choices are unlimited.  


These were ten features that you can include in your granny flat. When it comes to creativity, the sky is the limit, and you are the creator. So don't be afraid of experimenting with designs. If you hire the best builder or designer, they will help you make the best granny flat in your property.

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