For mobile app development Dubai, user interface matters a lot as digitization progresses in the growth of smartphone applications and also because of the pandemic, many businesses have switched to e-learning facilities where organizations and educational institutions are adapting and transforming the way learning is carried out. With applications such as zoom and google meeting in operation, it is now vital for mobile app development Dubai to increase user experience because millions depend on online learning facilities around the world. Here are ways that you can use the e-learning website to boost and enhance the user experience:

1.     The design should fit every device

For mobile app development Dubai, usability in terms of architecture and user experience is highly critical. When users change from one platform to another several times, make the websites suitable for all computers and gadgets. In addition to this, to make the page automatically conform to the screens it is displayed on, you must use a responsive interface template. You should make sure the website is open and adaptable in this way. Furthermore, you will have to make sure that your website loads fast particularly on cell phones because data use causes them to load slower.

2.     Make use of the F shape

A research undertaken by The Nielsen Norman Group found that many individuals tend to read websites made in the form of an F. Two stripes of text across and two stripes down, that is. This shows that viewers of mobile app development Dubai seldom complete the reading of a page on the screen, so to optimize retention, it is necessary to put important details at the beginning. It is also important that the text on your pages is brief, succinct and easy to understand in order to optimize the consistency of the mobile app developmentDubai user interface.

3.     Make your website less cluttered

Be sure the way you build your pages is clean of needless material and distractions to make sure your customers get the full e-learning experience. Users evaluate a page within 3 seconds of opening it, so making sure the text is visible and easy to read is crucial. Using white space in comparison to this and deliberately select what you need on each website before it is made open to the public.



4.     Use attractive titles and headings

Another a significant element in the growth of mobile app development Dubai is that users often judge a website by its names. Therefore, punchy and eye-catching titles written in bold and visible text with a wider font must be selected. This will attract the users' interest and prompt them to linger.

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