TOP 5 US Group Tours You Can Take By Car

Some people like traveling more than others. Nevertheless, every year both plan their vacations. One likes to climb up the mountains and change their everyday scenery to beautiful snowy peaks or mountain lakes. Others search for sandy beaches and ocean breathes. One way or another, you gather your friends and family members together and plan to visit some of America's most exciting spots. You should think of the best transportation. Whatever your needs, the van rental app will always be able to offer you the best choice of 6-seaters!

6-seater carriers

You have an opportunity to rent a car for carrying people. This is how you can discover the best and the most attractive tourist spots in America with a large family or group of friends. You don’t need to worry about renting 2 or more cars that will never be cheaper than a 6-passenger car rental.

Without a doubt traveling by car is the best way of traveling together. Having a large car you’ll get enough passenger space and lots of luggage space. How much luggage do you take with you? Feel free to pack valises, travel bags, sports goods or other objects as well as more passengers. The choice of 6-seaters is really big. There are variants of 2+2+2 or 3+3 setup. Go online and choose the best variant. Now, it’s time to decide where to go with your friends.

Adventurous Group Tours in the USA

1. Go to Grand Canyon

This legendary place is situated in Arizona and considered to be a real natural wonder. They say, it is more than six million years! The Grand Canyon offers the most attractive view of the Colorado River. Tourists from all over the world come to see this unique place. By the way, Grand Canyon belongs to the National Park and protected by UNESCO. Be careful if you want to escape from people and have some rest in nature. You will surely meet crowds of people in the park. Remember, Grand Canyon Village is the most overcrowded place in the park. Try to go to the north from the village on going to the North Rim. This is the best place for camping, hiking, fishing.

2. Go to Yellowstone

Everyone knows about Yellowstone National Park. Who doesn’t? This is a real paradise for nature lovers and adventurous tourists. You can see beautiful valleys, flowered meadows, sandy dunes, canyons, and rocky mountains. The landscapes are amazing! Nowadays, there's no doubt that the park is the best and the brightest place where you can spend a day or two with your family. There is a well-equipped camping place with cafes, hiking trails, and plenty of untouched territories. Consider the fact that Yellowstone is a very popular place for visitors. Luckily, the territory is huge and you will never stand in the line or face with others.

3. Go to Yosemite

If you want to take your family to California this weekend, go to Yosemite National Park. This natural zone is filled with beautiful waterfalls, old Sequoia trees, and unique rock formations. There is many places where you can walk, arrange picnics, and walk around. Yosemite Valley attracts the most active visitors, who can spend the whole day walking and exploring natural monuments. If you are not sure where to go and what to see, you should buy a tourist map or just join the tourist excursion.

4. Go to Lake Tahoe

Are you looking for a beautiful and extraordinary place, where you can spend the whole vacation with your big family? You will never have problems renting a car and finding Tahoe Lake on the map of the California-Nevada border. No doubt, this is a favorite tourist spot, where you can meet many tourists at any season. Of course, they are eager to see granite cliffs, high mountains, and picturesque valleys around the lake. Clear water will invite you to swim, boat, and enjoy the most beautiful lake views in the United States. There is even more! Lake Tahoe gives you an opportunity to feel like you are in San Francisco. You can shop, have dinner in the restaurant, and even visit a casino.

5. Go to Jackson Hole

What is Jackson Hole? Have you ever been there? Rent a car and go to the north from Grand Teton National Park. Jackson Hole is a popular place and you can easily find it. The valley is isolated from the travel industry so that you feel like you are traveling through the wild territory. Don’t worry, there must be something for tourists. For example, in winter you can ski and snowboard here. Actually, many people come to Jackson in winter to see the bright performances and participate in the outdoor activities.

Of course, there are many more interesting tourist places in the US. You can find a good tourist spot near you or rent a car and go through the country for the best vacation ever. Where are you going? Your choice may be different. Whatever you choose, try to find the best transportation variant for your tourist group as you’ll have to spend most of the time driving.

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