NetSuite Advanced Manufacturing- What are the Important Aspects to know about?

NetSuite Advanced Manufacturing is the extension to NetSuite, which helps producers to streamline their manufacturing processes. In case you don’t know, NetSuite is now an independent business unit. What’s more, it is the leading vendor of ERP solutions for mid-market manufacturers. The NetSuite manufacturing software is adept in supporting the broader set of requirements of modern entrepreneurs. 

This is because it offers a complete suite of enterprise application systems, starting from financials to human capital management. Modern-day entrepreneurs usually ask what it takes to remain competitive in this ever-evolving world. There may not be a single answer, but one should note that the right tools and systems would assist the companies to keep pace with the changing norms. NetSuite manufacturing modules allow the integration of diverse business aspects into a single system.  

NetSuite Software Companies and How They Help With Advanced Manufacturing  

To be precise, in the absence of an ERP system, industries find it tough to manage their business procedures in an integrated manner. On the other hand, it is also quite common for them to use non-integrated systems. To address their issues, NetSuite advanced manufacturing has come up with a great way to help manufacturers. 

With full manufacturing execution system capabilities and quirky NetSuite implementation partners, manufacturers can make products more quickly and efficiently. NetSuite advanced manufacturing features can significantly maximize your efficiency on the manufacturing plants. In other words, it provides an excellent solution for the challenges faced by operation managers. 

Another great thing about NetSuite advanced manufacturing is the way it runs inside your existing NetSuite ERP. Quite impressively, it is hosted on the same servers and lives in the same database. So as you can see, your data security, along with availability, would stay 100% assured. 

It comes equipped with a single integrated cloud system that can deliver scalable solutions. With NetSuite advanced inventory features, manufacturers of all scales can keep a tab on their inventory levels. In short, as a manufacturer, you can significantly optimize your supply chain processes.   

What can you do with NetSuite Advanced Manufacturing Tool?

With the help of NetSuite distribution resource planning, producers can add labor codes and refine their manufacturing process. What’s more impressive is the fact that work order processing can be easily integrated as per the locations of your manufacturing plant. 

So even if you have different plants in various parts of the country, NetSuite has you covered. Quite impressively, manufacturers can also use mobile devices to capture and manage complete manufacturing plant data. Let’s look at some of the features that the NetSuite Advanced Manufacturing Tool provides you with. 

  • Comprehensive work instructions 
  • Schedule codes dynamically
  • Finite product scheduling 
  • Requirements of labor 
  • Quality management at your fingertips
  • Efficiency in routing operations 

Advantages of NetSuite Advanced Manufacturing Tool

There is no denying that manufacturing ERP software from NetSuite will assist manufacturers of all sizes in decreasing operational costs. What’s more, with NetSuite can increase revenue and streamline business processes. With the NetSuite ERP software platform, this advanced module for manufacturers will help organizations integrate order and customer information with e-commerce, accounting, inventory, etc. 

  • State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Center 

With NetSuite’s manufacturing software, you would have access to a robust and vertically integrated solution. This vertically integrated solution would help manufacturers to manage every aspect of their business in a profitable manner. 

Quite impressively, it provides advanced planning tools like finite capacity planning, task scheduler, etc. These tools will also help the manufacturers to streamline efficiency in their plants. You can also effectively plan supply chain activities and lower the total cost of operations by streamlining the utilization of resources. This module from NetSuite also has useful tools for planning events and tasks. 

  • Augurs well for Assembly and Discreet Producers 

The advanced manufacturing module of NetSuite provides companies with deep industry functionalities. What’s more impressive is the fact that it’s built-in capabilities for extensive workbench records. This module would help manufacturers parameterize configuration, work order completion logic, and order records. 

It is important to note here that the workbench record comprises enhanced operational routings along with alternate finite planning parameters. You would also avail of optional quality management with this advanced manufacturing module of NetSuite. So as you can see, if you are an assembly manufacturer, implementing an advanced manufacturing module of NetSuite would provide you with rich dividends. 

  • Impressive Functionalities for Process Manufacturers 

The advanced manufacturing module of NetSuite comes equipped with advanced features outlined for discrete manufacturing. On the other hand, it also has a varied manufacturing workbench record structure. In other words, the advanced manufacturing module of NetSuite comes equipped with alternate assets along with extensive work instructions. If your manufacturing plant deals with raw materials in bulk, then this module can happily help. So as you can see, the manufacturing ERP software companies can completely overhaul your manufacturing processes. 

  • Quality Management at your Fingertips 

The advanced manufacturing module of NetSuite also comes equipped with quality management features. What’s more impressive is the fact that it can support fully customizable quality assurance tests along with the records for inspection. Apart from quality management, this advanced manufacturing module of NetSuite can also integrate seamlessly with the workflow engine of NetSuite ERP. It also facilitates the installation of sub-lists automatically. 

Key Takeaways 

So as evident from the points mentioned above, there are obvious benefits of accessing the advanced manufacturing module of NetSuite. It is essential for industries nowadays to stay ahead in the competitive race. So if you are a manufacturer that is already having NetSuite ERP, you should go for this advanced module.

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