Jewelry Making Business that Require Little Investment


There has been increased awareness in the fashion and styling industry in Dubai and naturally, the business setup in Dubai for jewelry has become flourished as well. A person that has a very creative mind would love this business idea and business setup in Dubai. Those who are passionate about jewelry making or retailing would highly appreciate this sector and learn to cherish the business. One can easily set this business as a home-based business and with a low budget.

Skill needed for this service

It would be appropriate for individuals to have some sort of special training in the techniques of jewelry making before they start to start the business. Turning a hobby or passion into a business would still require some sort of professionalism and experience. They can start their business setup in Dubai easily if people go through some tutorials or courses and would learn what the people want and how to provide them with the products they desire in order to make the business a success.


There is a need of extensive research before starting any business thus before starting a business setup in Dubai one must look into competitors and learn how they conduct their business or approach their target audience and carry their business activities. There is also a need of conducting customer and market research in order to identify the customers that would be the target audience of the business setup in Dubai. Knowing the customer is always a good idea as it would ensure that the business is going in the right direction and not blindly using up the resources or funding.

Buying Supplies

Finding the right vendors or retailers is crucial as this would also take part in using up the funds of the business and so if you are trying to hire a retailer for transferring your product to the customers then you would have to plan the supplies and services out beforehand in order to ensure that there are no losses or heavy costs incurring while the business is still a start-up.


A business plan is crucial for any sort of business and so before starting the activities and production you would have to plan out the strategies and objectives of your jewelry making business in order to give it some sense of direction. This means you would also have to determine the type of product you would offer to your customers and how you plan on presenting it to them.

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