Is Laminate an Old-School Countertop Solution? New Technology Keeps this Affordable Surface Trending

Even if you bought an older home, at some point it needs an upgrade to bring it into the 21st century. You probably have in mind that the renovation will include banishing laminate from your Toledo area kitchen and bath. The professionals at the Countertop Shop think that you might be surprised at all of the options that laminate brings with it, starting with a much lower price tag compared to any solid surface material.

Laminate Gives You Endless Choices in Color and Texture

The top layer of laminate countertops is actually printed. This means that you can find a laminate in just about every color under the sun. There is a huge catalog of laminates designed to match the appearance of popular stone options. You can get elegant marbling and veining, flecks of gold, or a solid color. Should your kitchen renovation vision include a look that steps out of the ordinary, laminate can help you make it all come true.

An Affordable Option that Stands Up to Years of Use

Laminate is manufactured out of a collection of layers of paper and adhesives that are formed into this versatile product. The laminate is applied to a base of plywood or particleboard that serves as the structure for your counter. The surface is surprisingly tough and resists scratches and scrapes. It stands up to over a decade of scrubbing and can be sanitized using common household cleaners. Why does everyone remember their grandmother's laminate counters? Because they survived decades of use.

Undermount Sink? It's a Yes even with Laminate

Of course, you want your kitchen upgrade to include all of the latest innovations, including the seamless look of an undermount sink. In years past, a laminate counter prevented you from selecting this option. New techniques in construction now enable you to select all of the finishes and appliances you want while still using budget-friendly laminate. Did you dream of a matching backsplash? That too is an option for laminates.

Options for Upscale Edges

Finally, you really wanted a bevel or ogee edge for your kitchen countertop. Surely, that is just one more reason why you can't have a laminate counter. Not at all! New processes allow us to form rounded bullnose edges that take the sharp corners off your counters. Go for a bevel look, that works wonderfully with geometric tiles and flooring. Finally, the elegance of an ogee edge can be achieved while working with laminate.

While there is no debate that granite and marble remain the most popular choice for new countertops, laminates continue to offer a durable, attractive, and affordable option. Come visit the showroom at the Countertop Shop in Monclova, OH, and see for yourself just how we can create the contemporary kitchen of your dreams without breaking the budget.

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