Having sophisticated and secure transactions is a crucial element for a prosperous business setup in UAE free zone. That's why RAS corporate consultants provide a 360-degree approach to all your corporate needs, as we provide our clients with the most reliable and competent assistance in all matters related to the establishment of your business setup in Dubai,UAE free zone. Our experts are seasoned and adept at all sorts of commercial and industrial legislation and procedures, plus policies that may affect your business setup in UAE free zone. We ensure that our clients are provided with the most trouble-free and effective business solutions and facilities in the region. We have a broad range of services for business setup in UAE free zone that perfectly and fully cover business transactions, investment, structuring, legislation, agreements and much more.

Our experienced teams will ensure that you are provided with the most lucid and publicly compliant facilities in town so all your hassles are smoothly eradicated in the best possible way. So, there’s no need to dwell about finding the best in UAE, here’s all the support you can get from RAS corporate advisors to smoothly facilitate corporate and commercial transactions for business setup in UAE free zone:

1.     The broad range of services provided by RAS for the most lucid transactions in Dubai

Here is a wide list of all the services that RAS corporate advisors offer for the best facilitation of corporate and commercial transactions for business setup in UAE free zone:

• Proper guidance on all transactions of a financial and commercial nature;

• Consulting on international affairs, imports and exports

• Investment consulting services, strategies and related compliance

• Market structuring for business setup in UAE free zone, restructuring and transactional compliance

• Supported business transactions for acquisitions, mergers, demergers and business alliances formed in Dubai;

• Consulting and advisory services for the preparation of commercial agreements, financial instruments and other related services;

• Advice on the purchase and selling of properties, sales commission, organization, franchises and many more options will be provided to you

• Advising on company formation, business models and more that will be properly customized to your needs and requirements

2.     The advantages you will derive from acquiring the services of RAS corporate advisors

• Expert consultation on many of the elements of the UAE free zone

• Assistance in the preparation and application of their agreement

• Professional advice on purchases and other financial issues that are concern your company setup

• Most professional services for any kind of business or industry

• Strategic and customized consultancy and regulatory services that will be customized specifically for your business entity

• The engagement and dedication displayed by our team of trained business experts who have a comprehensive and extensive knowledge of all legal and corporate issues that concern your business directly


3.     What is the course of action that you will opt for to obtain the services of RAS corporate advisors in the UAE

• Consulting – we have the best risk management consulting services, the future and viability of the transactions and guidance on corporate matters. Our teams will ensure that you are provided with the best services that you will come across.

• Paperwork – we will assist you in the planning and collection of all records appropriate for the execution of your transactions for the establishment of a business setup in Dubai, UAE free zone. All will be done in line with the correct formats and rules.

• Drafting – our consultants will further assist you in the process of drawing up deals, contracts and other related documents that will be carried out in accordance with local laws and regulations.

• Enforcement – we will provide you with all the correct documents you need for all corporate and company transactions. So, you should rest assured that you will have to worry about any problems and strict protocols, because our experts will take good care of you.


Our lucid and compliant procedures will ensure that your business setup in UAE free zone is done in the most efficient and proficient manner. The professional specialists at RAS corporate advisors will ensure that you are provided with the most unmatched and competent industry services for business setup in UAE free zone.

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