A Jungle Traveller’s Survival Checklist: 5 Survival Essentials You Must Have

When you are finally going on a jungle adventure, you should be aware of the dangers you may face there. This is going to be comparatively more challenging than any other adventurous trip. You will be totally detached from civilization and you have to survive depending on nature that is quite impossible. You may get sick while roaming in the forest or need water or any first aid kits. You won’t survive if you don’t have some basic stuff in your backpack. So, before leaving your house, you should make sure you get some essential things in your backpack that will save your life in any emergencies. Let’s know about such stuff in detail.

A Mini Water Filter: 

In the forest, you have to face the shortage of water for sure. You will get available water, actually. But that water is not suitable for drinking. Now, you can save your life if you carry enough water with you while leaving the house. But, is it possible to carry such a heavy bag full of water bottles? I don’t think so. In this situation, the most reliable way is to carry a mini water filter. A water filter filters the water of any place. So, you can make the contaminated water suitable for drinking in this way. So, don’t forget to get a mini water filter before going on a jungle adventure.

Portable Shelter: 

Well, you may not get a comfortable place in the jungle to sleep and take rest. If you don’t make a way before going, you have to suffer a lot for sure. You have to suffer extreme cold at night and a high temperature in the sunlight. Besides, the possibility of being attacked by wild animals is another crucial threat. So, you have to make your trip comfortable and there is actually a way for that. You can get a portable tent with you, where you can spend your night very comfortably.

Tactical Gear: 

Tactical gears are also very important to take before leaving your house. You may need to do different life-saving hacks in the forest and sometimes you can’t do it without some basic tools. So, you should take some commonly used stuff such as knives, threats, tactical pens, etc. These kinds of things actually make your activities very easy and comfortable in odd conditions. So, don’t forget to get some of them.


Well, going on a forest trip won’t be successful if you leave your firearms at home. Firearms may be needed for hunting animals that are great fun. Sometimes firearms are necessary for your self-defence like you can keep top air guns. So, don’t forget to get your guns when you are going to spend some days in a jungle around wild animals. You should also take the supporting gears with the firearms that will help you more to aim accurately.

Basic Self Defence Tools: 

Along with the firearms, you should also take some self-defence kits. You can take knives, tactical pens, stun guns, pepper spray, etc. You may need all of this stuff in that situation when you have no firearms. Besides, there are several adventurous jungle areas where you are not allowed to take firearms. In such a situation, the basic first aid and self-defence items are very crucial and effective, as well.

A jungle trip is undoubtedly a matter of great fun and enjoyment. But, it will turn into a bad experience if you go out without proper and appropriate preparation. You should take care of the above things when you pack your bag for going on a forest adventure. Hopefully, you will enjoy your trip a number of times more.

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