Top 12 Reasons for Extreme Hair Loss

Are you facing hair thinning and hair loss? It would have because of so many other reasons, and in this blog, we will share the actual reason. Yes, men lose more hair than women, and it has been seen because of weight gain, stressed routine and genetics but it’s up to you how you would understand hair loss types to deal with your specific hair loss problem. Let’s have a look at the following reasons.


Genetics plays a crucial role in hair loss, and various people suffer alopecia because of genetic factors. It has been seen widely in men, and it doesn’t mean women don’t face alopecia; they also face hair loss issues because of this.

Super stressed routine

People who have a super stressed routine would face hair loss and excessive hair falling is because of mental stress. Sometimes we indulge in hectic routines, and our body is always in stress so it can affect the hair follicle and cause hair loss. If you don’t want any hair loss, then prevent stress. Give some time to yourself and take out from the hectic and busiest routine. Stress makes hair brittle and thin.

Hormonal and thyroid issues

Fluctuations in hormone level increase the hair fall and also weaken the hair roots. Usually, this is for women and especially those who take anti-thyroid medications. Thyroid causes permanent hair loss in the majority of cases. So whenever you feel such a thing called to your doctors to discuss everything in detail. When the body feels huge hormonal imbalance changes, then it causes hair loss.

Scalp infections

Majority of people face scalp infections because of fungal and bacterial infections. It leads to dandruff and eczema. Infections weaken hair and are harmful for scalp health. It also causes hair thinning. If you all have been facing these severe issues then consult your doctor they would suggest you the possible dos and don’ts

Medical conditions

People facing any severe medical conditions and taking treatments could be the reason for extreme hair loss—treatments like chemotherapy, typhoid medication, heart disease, stress cause excessive hair fall.


Women who do over-styling always cause hair damage and hair loss. We use shampoos and conditioners that contain certain chemicals, and these are not good for the scalp. Many of you would have known this fact tight hairstyles pull out the roots and cause follicular damage. If you all are doing this to you, don’t do it again because it will ruin the hair health.

Bad food habits

If you all are not paying attention to your food habits, it definitely causes a hair loss. Deficiency of vitamins and minerals is key to hair growth. Unbalanced diet causes such issues. It’s essential to follow a proper diet plan to take care of your hair. Get the dietitians' help to get to know a right diet plan as per your medical conditions to control hair loss with a balanced diet.

Drugs addict

People who are into drugs and take various types of drugs like crystal meth or alcohol break down the nervous system and cause hair loss. Drug addiction is dangerous to life, so such people end up their lives in rehab centres. Keep yourself away from drugs for a healthy lifestyle.

Overdose of Vitamin A

Overdosing of vitamin A either in the form of supplements or medications, can cause colossal hair loss. When we stop taking vitamin A after the excessive amount, you would see new hair growth again. If we take a look at a daily dose of vitamin A then for adults, it should be 5,000 IU per day, and for kids, it should be 2500 IU.

Lack of protein

If you are not taking enough protein, then it could be a reason for hair fall. People who are on a keto diet cause hair loss and bring a huge change in eating habits. Add more protein into the diet in the form of eggs, chicken, beans, and yoghurt in daily meal plans to meet protein needs.

Low iron levels

Iron deficiency causes hair loss and its symptoms include fatigue, tiredness, shortness of breath and chest pain. Include iron supplements for a healthy lifestyle to get rid of these weird symptoms. Increase the intake of iron and vitamin C rich foods because our hair loss is because of the lack of iron and its deficiency causes anemia.

Consuming anabolic steroids

People who are taking anabolic steroids to gain some muscle weight also causes hair loss, and it will put the right impact on the body for PCOS. If you are taking any steroids, then consult your doctor first for pros and cons because it doesn’t suit your health.

What treatments should be done?

  • Hair loss can be treated with natural remedies like coconut oil, hair packs or any medication prescribed by a doctor, but natural remedies don’t cause any significant risks.
  • Scalp massaging will increase hair growth because it improves blood circulation. Take hot oil treatments to stimulate the scalp and induce hair growth.
  • Have a healthy and balanced diet to increase hair growth.
  • Choose the right shampoo as per your hair type. Select the bran wisely
  • Exercise, meditation and yoga reduce stress and increase hair growth
  • Never use excessive heating tools and styling.
  • Follow a regular hair care routine with proper conditioning treatments.

These are the few reasons we have gathered for you people to find out whether you are suffering from these symptoms for hair loss? Take the help of a doctor to find out what issue you all have. Hair thinning and hair loss are common issues these days but if you all are finding it severe, then start with natural remedies because it won’t be risky. Don’t forget to identify the type of hair loss because sometimes with the right habits and practices hair loss condition can be improved much better.

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