BCAA: The Ultimate Muscle Recovery Supplement


Are you a newbie to the world of fitness and have been hearing a lot about essential amino acids? Well! Branched chain amino acids (BCAA) are among the nine essential amino acids that our body needs to stay fit but cannot produce on its own. These macronutrients are therefore supplied to the body in the form of amino acid rich foods or dietary supplements.

What are BCAA supplements?

Branched chain amino acids (BCAA) supplements contain leucine, valine and  isoleucine mixed in different ratios.  Branched chain amino acids are so named because of their branched or nonlinear  carbon atom configuration. These supplements are also a rich source of essential micronutrients that can help in enhancing your fitness journey.

Here are a few health benefits of using BCAA supplements:

  • Regular consumption of BCAA powder can help in replenishing the nutrient needs of the body and keep the body hydrated for long hours
  • The most important use of using BCAAs is that it helps in improving the rate of recovery of tissues and muscles
  • If you want a supplement that can act as fuel for your body to increase your stamina and  enhance your performance, then go for BCAA protein supplements.
  • Consumption of BCAA supplements are great for building and strengthening of muscles.
  • BCAA supplements can help to increase your strength and decrease fatigue
  • This is one of the best supplement that can help in decreasing muscle soreness
  • BCAA protein powder supplements can help enhancing the process of muscle protein synthesis in the body
  • These supplements contain a lot of micronutrients that can help to improve our immunity
  • BCAA supplements are the best products to consume that can help in preserving the lean muscles of your body

How To Consume BCAA supplements?

You can mix one scoop of  BCAA powder with about 200 ml of water or any cold beverage that you like. To get optimum results, try to consume them two times a day regularly..

When To Consume BCAA Supplements? 

If you are wondering when to consume BCAAs powder supplements, then here is the answer:

  • You can consume these supplements during a workout as branched chain amino acids can help in keeping the muscles fueled with the requisite amounts of amino acids.
  • One can consume BCAA supplements before a workout session. These supplements are a rich source of citrulline malate and active electrolytes that can provide your body with a boost in energy and improve your performance.
  • One can also consume BCAA supplements after a workout. These supplements can help in  speeding the muscle recovery process and reduce muscle soreness. The BCAA supplements can also be used as a post workout powder.

Conclusion: Consuming healthy food or BCAA supplements alone won’t help you achieve your desired body goals. If you really wish to get that chiselled body, then you need to follow a strict  exercise regime. Also, if you are already consuming some medicines for any health problem, then we will suggest you to always consider consulting a physician before starting any kinds of supplementation.

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