Mobile app development Dubai is a phenomenon that keeps on growing and increasing by the second. Giants such as Apple have been on a roll since this year has begun. With the advancements that have taken place, one can only expect more from mobile app development Dubai. With Apple especially, from the best software updates to upgrading their technology, they have given it all to us. In 2020 apple has introduced its much awaited Ios 14. The operating system has undergone many major changes since it was first launched. These developments have taken the world of mobile app development Dubai storm and these advancements keep getting better. With hundreds of new features and a new user interface apple has introduced some pretty dazzling options in the new iOS. Here are some of the most exciting iOS 14 features that you need to know about:

1. A brand new design for Siri

Mobile app development Dubai has been perfect for voice-operated commands. While Siri has been a constant feature for the past few years, it is now better than ever with its new capabilities and redesign features. New iOS 14 Siri features pop-up animations, new widgets, and improved listening. It now also helps you to send messages and use the translation features that function without having any internet connectivity. 

2. The new home screen features

As part of its recent launch for mobile app development Dubai, a further feature included in iOS 14 is that the latest home screen option is now much more usable. This includes an app library that groups the apps together into more open and visual directories. In addition, it also has a search bar on the top where apple uses user intelligence to group the most commonly used applications. Apple also included an Apple Arcade folder and another one where you can easily access all the recently used and downloaded applications.

3. Application clips

When you need them, these apps are there and are handy to use. You are not required to download the whole program and can conveniently concentrate on the aspects of the software that you choose to use, such as the QR features of the applications. This is a fantastic advancement for mobile app development Dubai as it provides easier access and enables users to use the simpler features. Instead of getting innumerable jammed applications on the front, this will help you to keep your home screen clear and tidy.

4. A translate application 

Ok, you can guess what this is about. This isn’t new for mobile app development Dubai, but Apple does it better. You can translate text and voice into languages from 11 countries with this program, and this software also works offline, offering ease and accessibility.

So, now that you know all about the new ios 14 options, whats the wait for? A2 Solutions will help you develop an application that will be trendy and is compatible with Ios 14. So visit our website and contact us for more information about our services and offers!

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