TikTok Advertising For Brands: 8 Unknown Metrics That You Need To Grab

With more than 850 million users active every day and growing in its numbers, TikTok has already overtaken Instagram and shines as the fastest trending video sharing platform worldwide. Z generation users create the contents actively on TikTok since its launch in 2017, and also, the platform is too new for the brands. We have pointed out the new metrics when making your TikTok content and picking your influencers on TikTok and how brands are using the app nowadays.

Top 8 Metrics On TikTok You Should Know

A metric used to monitor the overall effectiveness of campaigns is KPIs or Key Performance Indicators. KPIs are most important because it helps to find out whether your content or your campaign performs well or not to attain your adjectives.

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Video Content Views

A significant factor in TikTok is that you need not get many followers to acquire vast views. Unlike Instagram, if you have only ten followers, you can reach your content in front of 300+ users, which is a special effect of the TikTok algorithm. Open your TikTok account and post various TikTok video contents and notice which type of content receives high engagements to grow your marketing strategy on the platform. Video content views are open facing so you can buy TikTok views that help you to compare your content views against your TikTok competitors.

Profile Views On TikTok

Notice how many people visit your profile page on TikTok and compare this unit with your video content views that you have acquired. Monitoring the relationship between profile and video views is critical for brands using the TikTok platform to progress viewers down the marketing funnel.

Comments, Likes, and Shares Per Video Content

Notice all the engagements(comments, likes, and shares) that your video content gets to monitor which content performs best to get your audience interest. You can also utilize these metrics to measure the engagement rates on TikTok, like Instagram.

Average Watch Time On TikTok

You may see this metric on one of the most incredible video-sharing platforms - YouTube. You can see the average amount of time spent watching your every video content and comparing this unit to the length of your videos. Your viewers like your video content if your average watch time is near your video’s entire length. And also, if your average watch time is inadequate to your video’s total length, then people refuse to watch your video because of a lack of interest.

Trending Video Contents On TikTok

In-built analytics of TikTok will monitor what kind of videos have a sudden growth in view count for the last 7days. You can fix the video type from this data with great potential to go trend on the platform.

Brands Using TikTok

Brands started to move to the side of trending platforms, mostly TikTok, which helps them to bring their marketing strategy powerfully. From advertising between the video contents to making their original content, brands acquire the app’s risk and attach a new platform of social media to their collection.

Influencers On TikTok

Many brands are showing interest to promote their services or products through an influencer on TikTok. Brands need to pick an influencer with over a million followers to build their marketing strategy.

Hashtags On TikTok

Brands can launch their unique hashtags to market their products or services like Twitter, Instagram, etc. Successful branded hashtag examples involve Aeropostale’s #AeroWorld, Bliss’s #thisisbliss, and move on. 

Brands place their branded hashtags in their profile bios and description boxes below their videos for maximum visibility.

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