The Restoration of Water Damaged Carpets

If you have had the terrible luck of experiencing flooding, whether from a natural disaster or a leak in your home, you may now be facing all the work involved in cleaning up and undertaking water damage restoration North York. Sometimes you cannot save carpets when they have suffered from water damage, and it would compromise your health to try to do so. But sometimes when the damage is minimal there are things a professional service can do to help. This is a time to call on the experts. But in case you want to do some steps yourself here is a look at what the process looks like.

8 Steps to take with water damaged carpeting

1. Identify where the leak came from – You need to know where the leak came from to help decide whether it is possible to salvage your carpets and rugs. For example, if it is from a drain and sewage lines then they need to be discarded as that is dangerous. Any carpeting damaged by groundwater or sewage you will need to dispose of properly. 

2. Stop the leak or the flow of water – The next step is to stop that leak or flow of water if it has not already stopped. Otherwise, the water will continue to do damage and will do it to other belongings, not just the carpet. Call a water leak detection in Florida if you need to. It is essential to isolate the leak and stop it.  

3. Once the water is removed disinfect the area – There is no need to start cleaning until the water is all out. If there was a lot that might have taken some pumping. Then everything needs disinfecting and the area needs to be ventilated as much as is possible to help prevent further need for water damage restoration Ajax.    

4. Get the room ready – Take out everything in the room, all the furniture and such, and then get rid of the padding under the carpet.   

5. Bring in some big fans – This is where having a professional handle the water damage restoration North York or where you are pays off, as they have the right equipment like big fans to help with the drying out stage. Let the fans run for a long time, at least a day and a half. You could also use dehumidifiers. Take care of electrical cords and water though.

6. Stay out of the room – No-one should be using the room during this process. It could do more damage to the carpets and might not be safe to be in right now.    

7. Examine after 12 hours – After 12 hours you should have an idea of whether the carpet can be saved or if it needs to be replaced. You can see if there is mould development and so on.  

8. Check with your insurance – Always check with your agent, as how the leak happened will depend on whether it is your job to clear the damage up, or whether the insurance will cover the water damage restoration Ajax or where you are.   

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