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Even though Bitcoin is a trending item, best free Bitcoin mining is one of the most complicated and demanding activities that anyone can engage in. it takes a lot of resources and may not even turn up profits as expected. However, that has not stopped stakeholders and investors from going ahead with their mining activities.

This is because miners get rewards for all the immense effort they put in, they are paid with crypto tokens. One reason for this is because business owners can look at mining the same way others did during the gold rush in the 1840s in California. 

That said, before you put all you have into the best free Bitcoin mining, you may do well to read this piece before you can decide whether you should go for it or not. Even though it has to be pointed out here that Bitcoin mining does not necessarily mean mining of Bitcoin alone but for practically all kinds of crypto currencies. 

The main reason for motivation for many miners of Bitcoin is that they know that they are going to get useful Bitcoin tokens. However, you do not even need to be a miner before you can have your crypto currency tokens. You can even purchase these digital assets using conventional currencies and trade on platforms. You can also gain crypto tokens by participating in certain video games or by uploading your content on platforms that reward creators with crypto currency. Many content creators have made some tidy fortune this way. 

It is because of this reward that miners go into the process of free Bitcoin mining online and in so doing, contribute support to the entire system. As the tasks are jointly carried out by users in different parts of the globe, the ecosystem is described as being decentralized. 

Miners function as auditors and they do get paid for this. One of their tasks is also to do the verification of earlier Bitcoin transactions. This is to ensure that all stakeholders remain transparent and transactions do not run into hitches. When miners verify transactions that are called blocks, the miner will be qualified to get a quantity of Bitcoin as a reward or payment. One block is fixed at one megabyte (1 MB) of Bitcoin transactions and it was put in place by Satoshi Nakamoto, believed to be the founder of Bitcoin. 

However, before a miner can get rewards, few conditions must be fulfilled first. The first is obviously to do a verification of one megabyte worth of transactions and for many people, which is not a difficult thing at all. 

The second condition is that you have to be the very first miner to get the correct answer to a mathematical problem. This structure is called the proof of work. Apart from ensuring that miners are kept busy, mining also serves some other purposes. For example, it is via mining that newer crypto currency is added into circulation. That is why free Bitcoin mining online is also called the minting of new crypto currency. 

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