Chiropractors extend range of Treatments in New Jersey

Chiropractors used to focus on back pains and knee and hip joints. If you had tennis elbow or could not lift your shopping bags, doctors would point you towards the nearest practitioner. Now, chiropractic care has developed and, if you have Sciatica, Monmouth County has a chiropractor who can deal with it. If your baby needs colic treatments in Wall, there is a chiropractor to sort that out as well.

Daniel Palmer first proposed that most diseases could be treated by realigning the spine in the 1890's. At the time, there were opponents very quick to call him a 'quack’, but business boomed because his methods worked. In 1902, after seventeen years in business, his practice occupied 40 rooms in Davenport, Iowa.

Chiropractic is now mainstream. It is still thought of as an alternative to traditional medicine, but it is fully regulated, and most doctors will happily recommend it. The idea of non-invasive, drug-free interventions is attractive to many people these days - in the US, it is a $15bn business!

You may not be aware of the range of health problems that chiropractors can deal with. We have looked at modern chiropractic care and identified where you might find a cure that has eluded you so far!

Back and joints chiropractic

Literally the meat and bones of chiropractors' work. Everyone knows of someone who swears by a chiropractor for fixing their back. Doctors generally struggle to solve back pains and usually prescribe pain killers in the hope that the problem solves itself.

Sciatica is a good example of exactly why chiropractic works. It is a debilitating illness caused by pressure on the sciatic nerve that runs from your lower back down into your legs. By realigning the spine, a chiropractor can ease the pressure on the nerve and give the patient relief from pain.

Prenatal chiropractic

Prenatal chiropractic is becoming much more widely accepted. It was used initially to reduce the pain caused by the extra weight that a pregnant woman has to bear. Now, it is seen as a particularly important method of giving the baby more room in the womb. This allows the unborn child space to move into the perfect delivery position giving Mother and baby a less stressful time.

Pediatric chiropractic

Getting a child off to a good start in life is so important. A bad back in middle age can sometimes be traced back to an incident from early childhood. Chiropractors can manipulate soft bones and ligaments easily to deal with any misalignments. They can even ease the suffering of colic.

Chiropractic with add-ons

Nowadays, chiropractors are taking a more holistic approach to their cures than Daniel Palmer might have approved of. Additional services are being combined with chiropractic to help patients. Nutrition, diet, and lifestyle advice. Acupuncture. Sports injuries. There are specialists in many areas.

Conclusions - finding the right chiropractor for you

If you have a problem that traditional medicine will not deal with then a chiropractor might be for you. If you have throbbing Sciatica, Monmouth County chiropractors are waiting to help. If you are not getting any sleep and your new-born child needs colic treatments in Wall, get your doctor to advise you on a specialist pediatric chiropractor.

This article is not intended for diagnostic purposes.

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