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When you are looking for options when it comes to childcare or schooling it can be hard to know what to do. A lot of parents are choosing to send their child to a Montessori school because they are not confident in traditional childcare and schooling systems. They are often too full and not well staffed. Montessori has a lot to offer to all kinds of children and is a great way to prepare them for the world. If you are looking for Rockingham childcare options and you are ready to give different methods of childcare and teaching a try, a Montessori school could be the best option for your child and you.

Fostering the child's interest

Public schools and traditional private schools still operate with children sitting at tables or desks, and being lectured, then handed work to do based on that lecture. But not all children can retain information with this method of teaching so a lot of otherwise perfectly capable children are not doing well at school, just because the method of teaching is not for them. Montessori schools want to foster their interests and their learning. Teachers are there to support and guide not to lecture. Children control their learning process and because they have more interest and more control they retain more. There is a lot of focus on coming up with their theory and then testing it while the teacher observes and supports.

Teachers have a different role

As mentioned the role of a teacher in this system is very different. Rather than being an instructor and a leader, they offer suggestions, guidance and observe the process. The best schools Rockingham has should focus on the child and their best chance at success. That is what Montessori does. Child-led learning and the teacher will help them with the skills they need. Of course, they intervene if needed but they do not lecture to.

Early childcare

A lot of Montessori schools are set in the early years because they strongly believe that they learn the best up to the age of six years old. Montessori Rockingham childcare starts them at a young age when they can learn and have an absorbent mind and are open to the kind of methods used in Montessori schools. In general, some schools do take them up until high school age but you can find more Montessori for childcare and primary school ages. This is when they are more impressionable and better adapt to the style of a Montessori system.


Montessori is one of the best schools Rockingham has if you are looking for something other than the typical options. While it does mean you need to come up with the money for the school fees, compared to free public options, if you have the budget you really are investing in your child's happiness and future. Check your local options out and take a closer look at the Montessori school program to find out more, and to make sure it is a good fit, for your children and for you as a family.

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