How YouTube Change our Lives

In 2005, YouTube was created with the original goal of making it easier for users to upload videos and publish them on blogs. Soon, it will take the digital world by storm, bringing billions of users together on the platform.

Because of the staggering number of active users, YouTube is now more than just a social network. It also becomes a powerful channel for marketers to market their brand and get famous on YouTube or reach a wider audience.

There are good reasons why more and more businesses were using the platform purposefully at that time. In this article, we are going to address the main reasons why YouTube is such a powerful channel for marketing your brand in 2020.

YouTube Marketing Channel: How Important Is It?

With all the attractive numbers in these statistics, there should be no real reason why you shouldn't use it for your marketing channel for get more YouTube subscribers and views.

However, if such a large number alone is not enough to convince you of the power associated with YouTube as a powerful marketing channel, here are five reasons to consider:

1. Internet users are obsessed with online videos

We live in an age of empowerment where Internet users prefer to look for fast, digestible solutions to their problems. That's why watching online videos becomes a significant part of their online experience.

Online video usage doubles every year, making it a favorite type of content on social media. More than 92% of Internet users watch online videos every month. This means that over 4 billion people worldwide are using online video.

2. YouTube World - The second largest search engine in the world

You believe that Google is the number one search engine in the world. But do you know what's second? This is YouTube

YouTube users make up about 45% of the world's Internet users, making it an important source of branding.

With 3.9 billion searches per month, it helps you reach the top rank for specific keywords and search queries. That way, you can reach your target customers seamlessly like never before.

3. Promote your brand's online presence

YouTube videos are at the top of Google. Despite being a very high authority site, YouTube is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Google. This means that if your potential customers type in specific keywords on Google, your YouTube video (which contains the same keywords) is more likely to appear in search results.

4. More engagement, more loyal customers

Telling the story of your brand through YouTube videos is a type of advertising that your potential customers prefer. This may sound harsh, but most of your customers are less likely to care about the product you are selling unless it helps them solve their problem and improve their lives.

5. High access

Another reason you should consider YouTube as your marketing channel is its accessibility. Your potential customers can access the platform on the go, as they go on their way to work or sip their morning coffee.

YouTube has reported that it is time to watch 70 of the total from mobile devices. This incredible reach makes YouTube responsible for more than 37% of mobile internet traffic worldwide.

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