How To Avoid Glass Window Replacement At Home

Glass Windows are an asset whether at home or the office. They allow you to enjoy stunning panoramic views and create a level of comfort that other materials can´t offer. Like any other materials, they need maintenance to assure they last as much as possible. Nowadays, the cost of replacement may vary according to their size and quality. 

However, it is not a secret that such a cost of replacement is considerably high. Those costs include the materials and installation. Therefore, taking care of your glass windows is an effort that is worthy to take. Besides, many affordable methods guarantee a long life to your windows and help you to avoid a premature replacement. Here some of them:

Window cleaning: cleaning your windows regularly is the best way to prevent premature window replacement. As the dust and other particles stick to the surface, they may cause irreparable damages. Nowadays, there are plenty of products to do it. Some are industrial and others are home-made with vinegar and ammonia. Whatever the product you select, you only need to make sure that you do it properly by removing it as soon as you complete the cleaning process.

Glass restoration: when glass windows get numerous scratches, it is time to opt for this type of treatment. There are different methods in the market that include the use of chemicals, glaze, or machines. Prices may vary depending on the quality of the service. Among those 3 methods, using a machine might seem the most convenient as you wouldn´t have to deal with harmful chemicals. But it would be worth to consider all the options when making the final decision.

Cleaning and window frame restoration are the most immediate ways to avoid a window replacement. In addition, there are complementary ways to assure they are fully protected as follows:

Frames: frames come in different materials such as wood, steel, and others. In any case, you must provide proper maintenance to these pieces too according to the type of material. They keep the windows in place and hold their weight. When you clean the glass, it is important to clean the edges to make sure the area remains safe. 

During windy seasons, holding the frame with protective tapes can also help to keep the pieces safe and strong to protect your windows. Also, extreme heat or cold can make the frames expand and glasses get lose. In such cases, it would be necessary to add some seals that cover the little gaps between the frame and the glass. 

Lockdown and security: having a lockdown system is essential to avoid windows open and close abruptly and break down. It is convenient to use one system that is easy to open and close but strong enough to provide security.

In short, window cleaning is the first step to start taking care of your windows. But if you want to make sure that they have a long life, then restoring them and taking care of their frames and lock down mechanism is essential. 

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