Animation: Definition And Different Types

The animation is the procedure of structuring, drawing, making formats, and planning of photographic sequences that are coordinated in the multimedia and gaming items. Animation includes the utilization and management of still pictures to create a fantasy of development. An individual who makes animation is known as an animator. The animator utilizes different PC advancements to capture the still pictures and afterward to animate these pictures in the preferred series.

ent collected from different resources and then added them into a single combination. A multimedia product is a combination of text, audio, video, graphics art, and animation. Exactly, the word multimedia is used to combine the audio and video content into a single presentation that can be played in your PC together with CD ROM or digital video, data projection system, web technology, and streaming audio and video.

Different Types of Animation

There are many types of animations are developed to fulfill the need for different situation.

·         Traditional Animation

The traditional animation is a long-drawn process. You need more time and energy for drawing each frame. You need many frames to make every movement like express emotion on the face or flick of a finger. Past animation movie like Tom and Jerry was very tedious work. Disney draws each frame with high accuracy for making great movies.

·        2D Animation

2D animation is just like traditional animation based on vector. The only difference is that you don’t need to draw frames manually; you can use a computer program like Adobe Animate or Flash to create fundamental frames. You don’t need to draw each frame individually. The internal keyframes are aligned therefore and you can attain seamless motion.

·        3D Animation

3D animations are known as awesome graphics among all which need advanced 3D modeling software. These are used in modern movies. The artist also needs to be technically professional in using different tools that are a must for 3D representation. 3D objects can move on-screen for showing the real-time motion.

While creating the animated video, the important tool you need is video editing software and you should choose the best animation video maker such as Flexclip and Mango Animation Maker that helps you to create the best-animated explainer video to teach the students and help them to learn easily and effectively. To produce animated explainer videos, the organization frequently follows three purposes: first, to explain the concept to the consumers, second, to educate the customer and third is to entertain the customers. The aim of selling is not on the list of main aims. It sounds very unjustifiable but it is true that yet being unsalesy, an animated explainer video is a great and powerful selling tool.

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